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  1. To begin with, after looking around a bit, I wasn't sure if there was another thread already on this subject. This is also my first thread ever.. Sorry if I overlooked it. For this thread, I'd like to gear it towards sharing the artwork and designs that parallel the craft of tattooing. Whether it be inspired for making tattoos, like flash sheets and large watercolors, or, it could be art inspired by tattoos, of any medium. Curricular and extra-curricular. Old and new. This is a pretty wide margin for tattooers and collectors alike..

    I try to paint and make drawings just as often as I design tattoos and stab people with them. I want to see what everyone else is doing and looking at! Thanks

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words everyone!

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    Natvenom, Southern New Mexico was a really cool learning experience. Much different than North Florida, it was a good change of pace. It definantly added to my tastes in art and tattooing, and I met a lot of great people!

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    Real Meta, Awesome! Thanks alot! That guy is a great dude, that's cool to hear he's part of the forum, i'll be seeing him again sometime soon

  3. Hello everybody, my name is Matthew Welch. I'm a tattooer since November, 2004. Currently traveling, I began working in North Florida and have been on the road since August of this year, after living in Southern New Mexico from 2011-2013. I enjoy many styles, and focus on traditional styles of tattooing and painting. I like to be an active and welcoming part of the tattoo and art community. I'm here to share art and discussions in the forum, network with other artists, and be involved, in general. I'm also inviting anyone to find me on Facebook, or take a look on my instagram, @matwelch if interested in my work or travels. Maybe we'll get to meet in person someday, have a little fun, who knows:cool: thank you!

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