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    My name is Natvenom and I'm beginning my journey to become a professional tattoo artist.
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    Drawing, spirit science, video games, cartoons, kitty cats, and ofcourse tattoos.
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    No Job, atm :'<
  1. Hey Mat (: How was living in S. New Mexico? That must have been pretty cool, esp tattooing the people over there. I live in FL too. I'll def. take a lk at your ig, etc. Welcome!
  2. Welcome, I'm new as well && was also flagged my 1st post introducing myself! ha (: I like your shops name, btw. - - - Updated - - - ^ ^ ^ that's awesome.
  3. I always have gotten tattoo'd in a shop, only one time did an artist tattoo me in their house, but it was a professional set-up. I don't think the location determines the quality of a tattoo. - - - Updated - - - Thanks, but I didn't choose it. Things feel better when they're of your choosing.
  4. Thank you ! I've been getting tattoo'd by various artists since I was 16 y/o. How about you? - - - Updated - - - Pee-wee Herman !! ah hahahha. That's my dude! x] - - - Updated - - - Lmao, it's all good. As long as I get welcomed (:<<<<< jk jk.
  5. Keeping it sweet and simple. My name is Natasha. Natvenom is where I identify myself, so please address me by it <3 My nickname is also a promise I made to myself to become a professional tattoo artist. :o & & I reside in Miami, FL. My love for art lead me on this journey. I'm 21 y/o. I believe in equality and freedom from the labels of society. Video games, cartoons, rap/hip-hop, culture, spirit science, and fat fluffy kitty bellies! (Me in a nutshell) & & & To scratch the surface of my personality, I'm friendly, open-minded, well-rounded, passionate,
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