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  1. I know the Mike Wilson interview got posted recently, but will there be more released? I feel like the time between each one is growing and i just wanted to see if other people noticed this...
  2. I havent been on here in a while, but I got Horseshoe and Dice on my elbow from Morgwn Pennypacker and He did my chest Eagle last week
  3. Guy Waisman at Wooster Street in NYC. Heres some of his work Wooster Street Social Club | New York City's Premier Tattoo Shop
  4. Someone before asked why people didn't like myke chambers i simply answered.
  5. Ross Nagle is the fastest ive been tattooed by he did the dagger i have in like 20 minutes. It was kind of amazing to see someone line a tattoo that fast
  6. All the younger dudes at Inksmith and Rogers kill it on the reg, also Tyler Monaghan has been doing real well lately. personally my favorite younger tattooer is Frank William from Great Lakes Tattoo.
  7. Well I guess I don't think of it from a necessity stand point, more from my personal standpoint. For example, if I were lucky enough to get a tattoo by Myke Chambers next year, I would like to have him initial it with 14, not so people would know it was Myke's work but for me as if it were a commissioned painting. There's no Point, as much as a dislike Myke chambers he does have a distinct enough style that you don't need to get it timestamped or whatever.
  8. For me, the biggest problem with Myke Chambers is that he's been tattooing for 20 years and his work looks the way it does. he dumbs down great traditional iconic images so that people who don't know traditional tattoos that well, will like them. he also uses the same stencils for every panther he does, so anyone with a panther from him in the last year or so has the same one, same shading same layout. there no variation in his work and i think it actually keeps getting worse.
  9. Yes, I'm so excited for the Stab City Collection, so many great artists involved its going to be amazing
  10. Thanks, that wasn't in the original design, but when i saw that it got added i knew it had to happen. - - - Updated - - - The Flannel wasn't in the original design I was referencing, but once i saw that he added that in i knew it had to happen
  11. Skull and Candle- Frank William
  12. theZoo

    Lion Head

    Lion Head- Lucky Matthews
  13. theZoo


    Dagger- Ross Nagle
  14. theZoo

    Snake Head

    Snake head- Tyler Monaghan
  15. theZoo


    Rose- Luke Wessman
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