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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AN7k-KjE8wI
  2. I think I have mentioned this in another thread, but Twin Peaks is like the best thing ever.
  3. I still get a little homesick in regards to Milwaukee, but hopefully I will be living back up there soon. Florida does have some perks though...Any tips on air travel with a fresh tattoo? The thought makes me a little nervous for some reason.
  4. I am very excited this morning as yesterday I got the first appointment set up for my left arm sleeve. I think I am going to use this blog to kind of document the whole thing. I had to move to Florida kind of unexpectedly a few years ago from my native Wisconsin and considering that my artist/shop of choice is Jon @ Solid State Tattoo I am going to be traveling back and forth between Florida and Milwaukee until the piece is finished. I have never traveled very far to get worked on before so this should be an experience I guess. The good thing is I can finally put all of my flyer miles accumula
  5. Twin Peaks... and then everything else
  6. My list is small, but all Wisconsin guys: Jon Reiter (soon to be more!) Pete Kugel Brian Jansen (i think that was the last name) Brett C. Some guy in Milwaukee, can't remember the name
  7. While working in Miami last December a co-worker (who is also tattooed) and I saw a bunch of those posted street signs advertising free tattoos (and then gave a phone number). I really hope that it was not serious or that no one actually took advantage of the free tattoos. My co-worker took a phone picture I will have to see if she can send it to me.
  8. I was still living at home when I got my first tattoo. After I got the piece done, I just bit the bullet and told my parents right when I got back. My mother really did not seem to mind, my father on the other hand stormed out and did not talk to me for four days. He eventually got over it (I think). Now-a-days my mother actually encourages me to get tattooed which is kinda weird actually.
  9. I have some pictures somewhere I will have to dig up. I will probably post some in progress shots once I get my arm started.
  10. I stumbled upon this site a while back and thought it was pretty awesome. I am a tattoo collector, father of 3. Within the next month I am starting a sleeve on my left arm (right arm is mostly sleeved); getting really excited, the wait is killing me.
  11. In response to the post above, the original Death Race 2000 is classic. I would have to say it is Sylvester Stallone's greatest role :D. Has anyone seen the Pusher trilogy? I have been totally obsessed with those lately for some reason; really cool crime movies (at least the first two) out of Denmark I believe.
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