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  1. @Cork Thanks! I must add to my comment that time is for sure longer with tebori, but you are also certainly aware that what you get there is really unique, for everything, from the trip itself (hey, it's Japan, outside the workshop!), the quality of the design, the intensity of the colors (tebori HIS more vivid and long lasting, this is for sure, I saw 20 years old tattoos done by Horitoshi whith my own eyes and I can tell), the genuiness of everything you will experience... that it is worth it. Really. If you do love irezumi, don't hesitate. Also, you will find that, even if it may take some time before he answers back, Horitoshi sensei is really kind and open minded, so just email him! Good luck!
  2. Hi Cork No body suit, I started with a traditionnal sleeve ('till the middle of the forearm), with half chest panel ("Kantobori") style. I'll do the other sleeve after that, and if possible, a full back piece ("Kame-no-koh") later, hopfully from Horitoshi's hand, maybe from one of his disciples. I started on arms because, unless you live in Japan, a full back is a looong way to go. A friend of mine had one, lasted 8 years and so to complete, he travelled from France twice a year for two weeks each time... Gives you an idea. That's tebori. If you check Horitoshi 1 instagram, you will see a pic (4th right now) of a sitting guy, with a Brown-orange dragoon back piece, this is him. The two first pics are my arm, getting background completed these days.
  3. Hi everyone I started here my reseaches for a tebori artist to get serious irezumi done on me, and tanks to this thread and you guys, I'm getting tattoed by Horitoshi 1 sensei since two years now I had left this forum after the beginning of my japanese journey and went back few days ago, and saw that a lot of you may have some questions about the Horitoshi familly, how to get in touch, how is it like and so on. I feel I may be helpfull to some of you, and repay a bit of the help I found here, and the nice time I'm having now so... anyone, feel free to ask, if I can help, my pleasure. Mata ne!
  4. Txs! This is great info. I had read somewhere on internet that he was no longer in Adorned, tattooing in his own studio, for choosen customers only... Can I ask you about your experience?
  5. tavoz

    Tavoz from Paris

    Thanks guys! @Joe Shit: txs, this italian artist (I didn't know him) is great! @Graeme: I want a Kuniyoshi's Shuikoden series ukiyo-e, have it as half-sleeve. From the researches I did till now, my first choice would be Horizakura, from NY Adorned. I'm investigating. I found a thread here "best tebori artist", that is very helpfull. - - - Updated - - - "preferred-tebori-styles" actually
  6. Hi Fala. Lucky you! I would love to get in touch with Horizakura (just love his style), but he doesn't seem to work in NY Adorned anymore... Could you plz indicate me how I can join him? TXs
  7. Hi everyone! I'm from Paris, France, and planning some traditionnal japanese tattoo... Hope I will find some info on artists, advices, feedbacks here! Tavoz