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  1. Full time position available. Shop has been open 20+ years. Located just north of Monterey. Within an hours drive to SF. Busy all year round. Great for someone looking to relocate. Must provide portfolio and references. You can call the shop to chat, ask questions, or give your info. Professionals only, no apprenticeships. This is my Dads studio. I am biased but he's an awesome guy to work with. His name is James McDermott Staircase Tattoo & Body Piercing - Santa Cruz, California 831.425.7644
  2. Do you have an online portfolio you could point me to?

  3. Thank you!! Much appreciated.
  4. I knew I shouldnt have opened this thread! I did obviously out of my own concerns. Which were all just very validated. My partner is smack in the middle of his back piece adventure and doesnt seem to mind. I however have a horrible large lower back tattoo that will need to be covered in the process. My fears of having to get my ass tattooed are a reality im going to have to face. Aside from the hesitation due to the pain involved, its a huge commitment. Im not set on any one image, that actually changes depending on the artists i'd have to choose from locally in order to get it done in a timely fashion. With all of that being said I know once its finished I will be a VERY happy camper! ;)
  5. Lots of great tattooers and shops here. Stop on by anytime you're around! - - - Updated - - - Thanks for the welcoming posts! Definitely a street shop, all kinds of crazy requests. My portfolio is all over the place ;)
  6. My name is Jessica McDermott. Im a tattooer in Santa Cruz California. I own and work at Illuminati Tattoo down by the beach boardwalk. My Father James is also a tattooer who opened Staircase Tattoo here in Santa Cruz 20+ years ago. Looking to expand a little beyond read street forum and see what this is all about. Thanks!!