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    3 days old by Dave Voegeli
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    My leg of work by Dave Voegeli
  3. Here in the VA Beach area I've been tattooed by Dave Voegeli at JD Crowe's Ancient Art, he's done my entire lower leg and just did my knee this past Saturday, my buddy Nicolas Fox at Classic Tattoo in Richmond, and Rempe at Hold It Down in Richmond. Nic is starting a big fudo myoo on my back at the beginning of the year, but other than I can't get a lot of visible ink due to being in the navy, so that sucks. I also plan on getting some stuff from Scott Sterling in the near future since he works at Crowe's shop, he is one of my biggest inspirations and an awesome guy to talk to.
  4. I'm interested to hear what any of the older guys have to say about this as well. I am not a tattooer, but I do paint and have found that some of the artists I get tattooed by were very hesitant to share any knowledge with me until I had been hanging around the shop for a good amount of time. For example, I occasionally get tattooed at JD Crowe's Ancient Art in VA Beach, where all of the artists are very experienced painters. It wasn't until I had been hanging around for about 2 years that Scott Sterling would talk to me at all about painting, not surprising to me because he's a legend in my e
  5. Hi there users, after several months of browsing this forum and watching all of the LST artist interviews by Scott Sylvia I've finally decided to make my own username, as it has been very informative and helped me immensely. I've been teaching myself to spit shade for about a year now and decided I wanted to start posting for feedback, and I hope to break into tattooing one day when I separate from the Navy. It truly is a privilege to see a lot of the great artists I follow posting on here so frequently and I hope to learn a lot from everyone. Cheers!
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