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  1. Thanks for all the great advice everyone. I think I'm going to go with a black and gray flag background vs. color.
  2. You know the more I think about it, the more I think I really like the all black and gray flag. This way it doesn't take away from the foreground.
  3. I have a half sleeve on my other arm - it's black and gray. I also have a black and gray tattoo on my back and then a colored tattoo on my calf. I'm usually a big advocate of just black and gray but I think red, white, and blue flag background would look really good on this tattoo. If I were to add a background to this tattoo then I wouldn't want to add to it anymore after that.
  4. Good point The Tig. Thanks for the great suggestion. I definitely think having the background below would look really good especially with keeping the head above and that way it's more prominent.
  5. Does anyone else have any suggestions?
  6. Thanks pidjones! I actually have the Marine Corps tattoo on my other arm. It's a half sleeve that goes all the way around. It's the same artist that did the eagle on my other arm. He does very good work IMO. The Marine Corps half sleeve is all black and grey so I think having something with color will look pretty good on my other arm.
  7. That's a great idea. I think a more traditional looking background for the flag would look pretty good and complete this piece. I do like it as is but think it's a little dark since it was used as a cover up and feel a nice colorful background would really make the tattoo pop.
  8. I agree but I am a pretty patriotic person as I was in the United States Marine Corps infantry and served two tours in Iraq. I was just thinking a background with red, white, and blue flag elements would look pretty cool with the all black tattoo.
  9. I recently had a cover up tattoo of an Eagle and was wanting some advice on different ways to enhance the overall tattoo. I was thinking about maybe adding some red, white, and blue American flag elements around the eagle and wanted to see what people thought about that idea or if they have other suggestions.
  10. Any other thoughts on this cover up?
  11. Thanks, I think it's pretty sweet as well. - - - Updated - - - No, I was just wanting to show everyone and see what they thought. I thought the artist did a great job covering the old tattoo.
  12. The other talon wasn't in the shot because of the angle I had to use for the picture. What would be a suggestion if I want to make the wings more pronounced? Would some highlights work?
  13. The laser treatments definitely hurt worse than the tattoo but they're really quick. There was actually quite a bit of color in the USMC tattoo. The only black was the actual lettering. The color is definitely harder to laser than black from my experience. What do you think of the cover up?
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