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  1. I think certain sects of Judaism allows cremation.
  2. My family is Jewish. And though we're not religious, my dad still tries to take it pretty seriously. It's against the Jewish religion to get tattoos, and if you get one you can't be buried in a Jewish cemetery. That's my dad's main argument against me having tattoos. But personally, being only 20 years old and considering myself agnostic, I'm not too concerned with where I'll be buried right now. I have heard that a Jewish person with tattoos could still be buried in a Jewish cemetery though, but they have to peel off the tattooed part of the skin. And interestingly enough, there are many young Jewish people, especially in Israel, who are getting their grandparent's/great-grandparent's concentration camp numbers tattooed in order to never forget the Holocaust. This has had mixed reactions. Some say it's good that the younger generations remember the Holocaust and their relatives who either survived or passed away. But others still want to stick to the traditional Jewish values and see getting the number tattooed as demeaning and a way to strip a person of his or her humanity. But if you change the meaning for yourself and see it as a symbol of strength, it can be a great commemoration.
  3. I am forever confused by this video. I think she was serious as well... :confused:
  4. Not at all an intellectual snob!! I wish more people would read, actually. My all-time favorite book is "Looking For Alaska" by John Green. It's beautifully written and I can really relate to the character of Alaska in a way I've never been able to relate to a book character before. One of my tattoos is even a symbol from that book. And I'm currently in the middle of reading two books. One is called "Geektastic" and it's a collection of short stories and comics. The other is Andy Warhol's "POPism." :D
  5. I hear ribs hurt pretty bad since you can feel it vibrate through your entire body. I also hear shoulder is pretty bad. But I got a tattoo today and part of it was on the inside of my arm... that HURT!!
  6. I think it's fine as long as it's meaningful to you. Even better if you can think of a unique way to approach getting it done... a design no one else has, for example.
  7. I personally don't know much about video games, but I have an ex who's very much into them. He would download mods for the games that other fans made and actually design his own tattoos to put on his characters. It was pretty cool, actually.
  8. Hey, everyone! I'm Raffi from NYC. I'm coming here for tattoo advice, to meet other cool people, and learn more about tattoos. I currently have 3 tattoos (my latest of which I got today) and they are each very meaningful to me. I hope to get to know you all! :)
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