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  1. I agree, nice tattoos. good lines, shading, and all. That's a really fun area to get tattooed too.
  2. Hey all, haven't been around for a while but I did go through another shading session with Chad on the big bat that I thought I would share.
  3. Much less anxious of those than their associated ditches. But ( realizing I have one elbow ditch tattooed) Knee ditch actually scares me.
  4. You can never go wrong with more skulls.
  5. The experience is a part of the process. I've been thinking about my chest and belly for years. I finally had it boiled down in my head to about 5 people. One, while I love his work, I've not been tattooed by him and I didn't want to go into this big a project with someone I didn't know. Another. I've not been tattooed by but have met and finally decided I did not want to hang out with that person that much. the other two were eliminated by speed and location and that left me whit who was supposed to do it all along.
  6. Little outline Chad carved into me yesterday morning.
  7. Just figured out how to get to images again. There are several I haven't posted, including everything from Chad.
  8. Hey all, been gone for a while, hope everyone is well. I have time scheduled with Chad Koeplinger in about a month to do my chest. This is probably gonna be my first multi session tattoo. Just breezed through the new tattoo pics, y'all age getting some great shit out there.
  9. Some friends and I are putting on this little event soon.
  10. I don't get to go to Pagoda this year but I did have a little thing done yesterday. Great thing about working with the same person over a period of time. I brought a co worker to her for her first tattoo a few weeks ago and we were talking and she came up with the idea of a vintage suitcase (perfect for me). Didn't really know what to expect and this is what she came up with. She remembered my three most common travel destinations. How can you not be grateful for people like that. Drawing and tattoo by Ashley Matthias, Bulletproof Tiger Tattoo, Manchester, NH
  11. Amazing, how bad did your shin swell up after that?
  12. I now have to be in Dallas this weekend. Had to send an email to Marina and cancel, first time I've canceled and appointment. I'm pretty bummed I won't get to see y'all
  13. I can bring my percolator and make some really tasty coffee for the morning. (I am a bit of a vintage nerd)
  14. Yep, I'll be there. Driving down from NH Fri night so not sure when I will get there. I have an appointment with Marina Sat late. Nothing else planned at this point. Would be good to set something else from Scott. My daughters live in Oakland and I went to Black Heart during one visit and Cody Miller made a nice ship on my ribs, but then I felt bad about using visit time for a tattoo and decided I just need to catch up with those guys in other places.
  15. @suburbanxcore yep, just heard back from Marina and we are set for Saturday. It is gonna be a wild one.
  16. I think I might be done, at least with big stuff, for a bit. I've got a few little ideas in my head that I might do but that might be it for a while. The amount of free skin I have left has really shrunk over the last couple years and I really should think out what, and who, for the rest of it. And then @suburbanxcore mentions Pagoda, which seems to be the place fir me to cross paths with Marina, so perhaps it is just a pause until Pagoda. For fun here is a pic of what Chad did to my arm a couple weeks ago, I've tried to post it a couple times but it was giving me trouble.
  17. I don't have a good pic at the moment but go look at Chad's story to see what he did on the inside of my bicep today.
  18. I'm going to Nashville Boogie next month so while I'm there I'm stopping into Chad's shop and we will do some more work on my arm. Haven't seen his shop before, should be fun.
  19. It's not a tattoo event but is anyone gonna be at Viva next week?
  20. Holy Shit!!! I was gonna say "ouch", or something like that, now all my thoughts seem inadequate.