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  1. I've been gone for a while. I'm stoked to see so many great tattoos being done. Started my back with Horitomo in December.
  2. So much good stuff going on. I'm everyone keeps it up as I keep my tattoo-cation going until March. Gotta admit, it feels nice to be pumped on getting tattooed again!
  3. I love that. Thanks for sharing, @SnowyPlover!
  4. Sorry to hijack, but I'll be in town this weekend. I'm gonna catch some of the comedy festival, but are there other things happening in the area? Also down to grab a drink if anyone's free!
  5. Welcome! http://ukiyo-e.org/ is a great site to get lost in. The Perseverance book is a steal at $20 and it fucking rules. What were you thinking of getting?
  6. I love not checking this thread for a few days, and returning to see the most awesome stuff.
  7. I couldn't go wrong. All though I'm leaning towards a tough dragon. I really can't wait until I meet him to see the sketch and say, "Yeah, that's it."
  8. Kannon, dragon, or both. I've got until February. Maybe I'll just let Tomo decide!
  9. Done by Horimitsu at the Bay Area Tattoo Convention. I've heard so many different things about tebori, but it was an awesome experience. So much that I'll ask Horitomo to shade my back by hand when we get that going.
  10. @Lance, @CABS - it was nice to meet you guys. Wish we got to hang. I'll be there again tomorrow with @ELTOTTAGO to finish up with Mitsu if anyone wants to meet up. @ironchef - thanks so much for the tip on the scotch. Mitsu says you're a good dude.
  11. I'll be there Saturday night and most of Sunday. It'd be cool to meet some people, maybe grab a beer!
  12. Scotch is always best. Thanks, dude! @Lance, I did get in with Horimitsu for Saturday. It's at 8 PM, so I'll probably stroll in pretty late.
  13. Hey guys, I tried the search function, but didn't find exactly what I'm looking for. Could someone please enlighten me on proper tipping etiquette for Japanese tattooers? From what I understand, tipping isn't customary in Japan. I've also been told you should bring a gift before your session. I'll be getting tattooed in the States at a convention, should I just stick to tipping or bring a gift? My normal thing for gift-giving is usually some kind of alcohol, and I'm not even sure I can bring that into the convention. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
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