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  1. Been thinking a lot lately about getting my left elbow covered. While I like the look, I don't necessarily want to go the direction of a rose/flower/increasingly popular mandala. I'm thinking a horshoe with something going on in the middle could be fun. Anybody got some swellbow recently, or seen something they like?
  2. Tattoo your nuts first, as a trial run. Update on how it goes.
  3. Wow, looks like everyone's been getting awesome tattoos. Good stuff guys. Got this tiger yesterday from Kike Castillo. Excuse the picture.
  4. Planning on going to Brightside later this week for "Flash Friday." Coincidentally, like the Dan who posted above me, my name is also Dan, and I will likely also be getting a tiger head. Not on the hand though. The sheet of flash they're using has a few cool designs though, so we'll see come Friday what I end up going with.
  5. Being young and careless? Not knowing any better? Rushing into a decision? All or none of the above? I'd say it's a case by case basis. The first large tattoo I got, on my forearm no less, is not necessarily something I would get today. I still like the tattoo, but it's in some prime, very visible real estate that I may have otherwise used for a much different, and probably much better, tattoo today. At the time I was younger and far less informed, latched on to a particular idea pretty early, and didn't really consider all possibilities. I rushed into it. Fortunately, I didn't end up with one of those horror stories, but despite liking the tattoo, I'd still probably do things different today.
  6. So awesome oboogie I'm an Amy Winehouse fan myself, looks great. That's pretty cool her mom even saw it and complimented you.
  7. Nashville. I'm sure there are others here more familiar with the area, but one shop I can speak to is Gold Club Electric. Never been there myself, but was at a convention where several of their tattooers were, and they seem to do good work. I got tattooed by Mike Fite and would definitely recommend him. Best option is still to physically go into a shop and talk about your options with an artist.
  8. That's what I'm saying man! It's the playoffs!
  9. Bmore

    I hate summer :(

    I love summer, and this is coming from someone who hasn't had working AC in their car for 3+ years
  10. Thanks, everyone. I'll continue to wear this one the way it is.
  11. So I got this awesome tattoo a couple years ago at the Baltimore tattoo convention; believe I posted it in the latest tattoo lowdown thread. Some time after it healed, I noticed something unfortunate. I don't remember it healing this way, and I'm not sure what I might've done wrong, but it's been this way for a while now. Notice the milky whiteness where there should be black above the upper teeth in the skull, continuing up the left side in the feathers of the eagle. Anybody seen this before? Unfortunately, the guy who tattooed me lives states away and so isn't easily accessible. Hopefully I'll be getting a new tattoo soon and can ask another artist, but idk when that might be. I'd kinda like to get it touched up, but I know it's not always that easy, not to mention idk when the guy who did this one will be back in the area, if ever. I've never had an issue like this with any of my other tattoos, and I'm not entirely sure what might've caused this. A couple months after getting it I was at the beach lathering up in sun block and relaxing under the rays, for whatever that's worth. Ultimately, I still like this tattoo and can live with the imperfection, but I'd prefer getting it touched up. What I don't want to do is spend mine/someone else's time and effort only to make things worse or end up with the same effect. I appreciate any of you fine folks who might be able to share a similar experience, or advice, or just tell me to suck it up.
  12. Thanks man. It was one of those deals where I didn't entirely know what I was getting til I got to the shop. As you can imagine, I was thrilled with what he came up with.
  13. Little late here. Got this one waaayyyy back in November of 2015 from Chad Koeplinger while he was at Tattoo Paradise in DC. Tough to get a good pic because of the way it wraps, but you get the idea.
  14. I think that looks great as is, but obviously your opinion is the one that matters most. Don't really see how you could add color to it, aside from maybe adding flowers or something around it.
  15. Welcome, swask! Very cool that you and your dad are getting tattoos together. What's his input on it? Or is he kind of leaving it up to you? Also, I can't help myself here, but your name reminds me of a little term me and my girlfriend use. The term is swask, and it's an amalgamation of "sweaty ass crack." You know, like, "Damn, it's hot out here. I've got some serious swask going on." I apologize to everyone.
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