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  1. I entered this into the contest a few months back, but that was when it was a half sleeve. The top half is done by Lillian Chen in Yorktown VA at Ancient Art and the bottom part is done by Stacy Mcleaf of Chrome Gardens in Gettysburg PA.
  2. I'm not unhappy with the way it looks. I think it's pretty awesome. But for a cohesive sleeve, I don't see how it can be incorporated. But I'm still mulling over ideas.
  3. I've been thinking about this myself lately. I always wonder if a sacred geometry type filler would look good. Has anyone else thought about this? Not just for your tattoo but in general. Something kind of like this?
  4. No, I really love the way blackwork and sacred geometry looks. And I initially wanted an entire sleeve that way. Not just because I believed it would cover up my forearm the best. Thanks for your input. I care about how things flow and what not; but I really want to collect different styles. But that's another thread! Haha
  5. If I was in that guys position; sure I'd rather get it lasered. That's a lot of straight black on his skin. I would only have to black out the bottom portion of my forearm and then incorporate some design to go with the branches. But will do; I just wanted to see what the members here thought was possible.
  6. It doesn't wrap all the way around. And there is a lot of negative space. I figured I could get a black band that wraps around where the bottom tree line is and somehow could incorporate a mandala or geometrical type design to cover the rest. This guy does amazing stuff.
  7. Haha yeah ... I didn't really notice until after. I was like, "if I can see it, than nobody else can." So yeah, its upside down. I don't know. I'm thinking of getting it covered up with some blackwork/mandala. Do a half sleeve from the elbow down that way.
  8. Hey fellow members. I got this tattoo on kind of a spur of a moment thing. I didn't think how it would flow as a sleeve and now I kind of regret getting it. It's not bad work; at least I don't think so. It's just I don't know how to make it flow as a cohesive sleeve. Any one with previous experience or knowledge on cover ups; is this one that could be covered up easily or is removal my only option?
  9. Here's my tattoo. Done by Lillian Chen in Yorktown, VA at Ancient Art.
  10. Hey, I was just wondering if the members here could help me out by letting me know if there are any artists near me. I've been digging this whole sacred geometry/black work/dot work/ thing a lot lately. And I know people have their opinions on the whole photoshop or trash polka style; but I really like this style too. Could the good members here direct me to artists of these styles on the East Coast? Thank you guys so much.
  11. Really cool. Thank you so much.
  12. Anyone have any suggestions on artists that could do anything like what I posted? The geometric style tattoo.
  13. Would love to see them as well
  14. I also want to get a half sleeve on the tree side; done in like geometric tribal? I've really been digging that style lately but I don't know of any Artists in the Virginia area who could do such a thing. If you guys could give me an recommendations on Artists on the east coast, that'd be awesome. Really loving stuff like this.
  15. Yeah, I think I want to finish my Korean/American sleeve. But I also have plans to get Seoul's like City Line as a Silhouette on the other side of my tree silhouette piece. There's so much work I want to get done with so little money to do it haha.
  16. Her name is Lillian Chen and she works out of Yorktown, VA at Ancient Art. She's a badass.
  17. Yeah, I'd be interested to see any work you have done as well.
  18. Hey, just wanted to introduce myself to all the members here. Just got my first tattoo in September and already have a half sleeve and a forearm piece done.
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