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  1. At a takeout place that sold really good donairs near my home, I was a pretty much a regular and got great service. That all changed when I showed up in a shorts and a short sleeved shirt. It was no longer first come first served and how are you doing? it became you get served behind any else who comes in. called them on it and they got all apologetic, but after the second time, I do not do any business there, and neither do my friends
  2. The photos you sent are examples of just plain copying, which I am against. I expect we could all find examples of the demon face, and done before Shige did it. But to copy the cherry blossoms in the exact same pattern? shame.
  3. I did my back and rear end in a total of 12 sessions, each two weeks apart. I started with four hours, but after three sessions my artist and I went back to three hour sessions. My artist said I was tensing up too much. overall it was not bad not great, sometimes itchy, sometimes sore. Bandages were a pain, but necessary. knowing what I know now, would I get my back done if it was bare? Absolutely yes
  4. lower back at the base of the spine was the worst for me. but that was probably because it was the third colour applied that session, and it was about an hour after being inked with the first two colours
  5. personally no I haven't but then I knew I wanted a bodysuit, so its been carefully planned out. maybe that's why my chest is still bare, I cannot make up my mind over several choices. perhaps I should just do it
  6. finally figured out the load photo procedure. my work is pseudo Japanese style, but not Japanese themes
  7. I'll load some photos of my ink as soon as I can figure out how to do it on this site
  8. just a thought but you might consider getting full sleeves. opens up more design options, but I realize this might not be for everyone. I kept mine three fingers from my wrists which lets me wear long sleeved shirts when I occasionally need to cover my ink
  9. still trying to figure out how this site works. arrrgghh now I will try some patience
  10. in process of collecting a fullbody suit. 75%done
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