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  1. KUxSH


    I have the same opinion as you. My guess is these people aren't really thinking it through. They wouldn't understand until they have some good art on themselves, and see the comparison on their own skin.
  2. Not even once. Srs.................
  3. I don't understand it must of been free handed. How could you agree after seeing that stenciled.
  4. Maybe for 15k a month. Then grow my hair out long overtop of it, grow a bushy beard, wear a hat and sunglasses everywhere.
  5. I think i would find a much more talented artist to fix it up. It's definitely fixable, i just don't know if with your original artist.
  6. KUxSH


    I wish you had quoted the original post
  7. Get one of those tattoos that shows your arm ripped open and the muscle fibers showing. I want to do a robotic one.
  8. KUxSH


    Just looking for some advice for a coverup i'm planning on getting.
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