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  1. I'm a middle aged man but I like more feminine designs. I like nature designs also. So I'm well into a colourful critters and flowers full sleeve. I love to admire it looking in the mirror. Now that there is a lot of excellent black and grey work being done right now I'm sure I'm not following any trend. But it doesn't matter I love my ink!
  2. Some more on my flowery critters sleeve. This was taken before the addition of a big bumble bee right on the side of my elbow below the Freddie the frog. The bee is taking some healing but should be good for a photo session next time. Going to finish up round the top at the next siting and do some more filling in elsewhere. Some butterflies coming soon too. I can't believe how much I love it. Can't stop looking in the mirror :)
  3. Oh dear, they don't bother me, not that we have many round here. How do you usually react to them? My wife gets a massive reaction, even so far as abscesses and ulcers. Hope they dont do too much damage to your new tattoo!
  4. So here is my progress. I promised myself a big bright sleeve as my entrance into your world. This is it after 2 sittings, about 5 hours total. I love it and can't wait for my next sitting which isn't until September. The plan is for a full sleeve of flowers and critters and stuff. The lilly will be getting coloured in next. Humming birds and butterflies to follow.
  5. Finally made a start on my first proper tattoo. It's going to be a bright floral sleeve. So I've got a lovely 4" detailed red/orange rose on my upper right arm. My artist asked me if I'm on any meds that could thin my blood as I was bleeding quite a lot. I'm not, but was then concerned about the healing process. Anyway, I applied Bepanthen regularly as prescribed by my artist and had no problems. After 3 days the tattoo started to lightly peel leaving just some very light scabbing on the outlines. Now at 10 days it looks to be fully healed with the skin looking normal and s
  6. Although I currently only have a single small tattoo that's well out of sight I am starting on a sleeve in June. I'm intending it to extend to being visible even when wearing a long sleeve shirt eventually. Even though I don't need to worry about work, we are currently mid way through the process of registering as foster parents. My wife was concerned about me having tattoos getting in the way of that. So early in the process I asked if visible tattoos would be a problem and was told a resounding "no". Not even worthy of further discussion apparently :-) Even so I'll be keeping everything
  7. I have a few small moles that could easily be navigated around for the most part. There is on on my collar bone just right of centre. it has grown and itches and forms a fine flaky crust occasionally. I showed it to my doctor a year ago and said it was nothing to worry about. I showed it to him again 2 weeks ago and its still nothing to worry about although it's bigger. Apparently it's actually a keratosis, a sign of aging! No more chance of becoming malignant than any other bit of skin. It is an area I envisage getting tattooed eventually so I may look at getting it removed anyway. Who nows
  8. Paulus


    So, 2 years since I joined and I've just booked my first 2 sittings for some inking. Can't accuse me of rushing! I'm starting with a half sleeve. After much studying I'm settled on a floral design with some butterflies and maybe a humming bird or other critters. It'll be quite feminine, well, positively girlie actually. But that really suits my strong feminine/androgynous nature which gets stronger as I age. My 1st appointment isn't until June so plenty of time to sort the detail. The tattooist is quite local and fairly new to her own shop but she's booked solid. Got a good reputation alread
  9. I think the internet is responsible for the proliferation of many things in modern life. Some are very good and some are unspeakable. What it does do is give the impression that something is more common in society than it really is. LST is a fine example of an online community where people share and enjoy their love of tattoos. Within this forum it's possible to be surrounded by beautiful imagery and be inspired to become more involved. I discovered LST after a google search. It was around the time I got my single and very discrete tattoo. I wanted to know more about getting something bigge
  10. Paulus


    Thanks for the name drop. Leeds is only a couple of hours drive away. Some nice chest pieces of his on the web. I've not thought too much about "who?" So far. Been concentrating on the "me" aspect. Being compulsive, I'd likely just do it as soon as I talk to an artist. So I've spent a couple of years making sure of where I'm going with this. Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
  11. Paulus


    I'm gravitating towards something with roses, quite bold roses. But here is something I'm in love with: And it does continue onto his neck. I have that as a wallpaper on my phone. I don't want anything gory or particularly masculine. Actually many of the designs I have in mind are quite feminine. There are some awesome side of head pieces out there and all my favorites are on female's heads!
  12. Paulus


    Wow! It's a year since I joined! I've enjoyed SLT and learned a lot.More than ever I need to get started on a project. One question that hadn't occurred to me is an issue I might have with a skin condition. I've had seborrheic dermatitis all my adult life and it affects my upper torso and arms mostly. It's a scaley rash which can lead to flaking and very rarely some weeping. It comes and goes in phases. As I get older it eases gradually. I wonder if anyone has experience of tattoo's on skin affected by eczema or dermatitis? My plan is for a large if not full chest piece. I like things t
  13. Paulus


    Hi peoples. I have been lurking for a while and having read so much great stuff I thought I'd best just break the ice by saying thanks! I got a small tattoo, some lettering, a couple of years ago. It's actually very , very low on my pubic bone but I still like to show it off! Like right now Im on holiday in Tenerife and being an exotic beachwear fetishist I manage to display it with ease! I like to turn heads love the double take people make on spotting my tat. I'm seeing lots of bad tattoos on the beach. And until reading the stuff I've read here probably wouldn't have realised the impo
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