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  1. good paper!!!!!!!!!for me the more rag the better, hot press will puddle and show ripples almost because the paper is too slick. the problem is the rougher the paper the harder to line. so if your using speed ball nib it gets tricky, brush and markers are no problem. i pretty much only use nibs when it flash. if im doing a painting i will line with a brush for eveything but pike lettering.

    brushes are super important as well like said above series seven are amazing, not cheap but find the size brush you like in a cheaper synthetic then buy the good one son line for cheap. you need a couple of sizes or atleast i do i cant do big fades with little brushes. i also am not an amazing painter but i do work with what i think is one of the best and if rassier says try this hes usaully right.

    as for paint i use all kinds of shit from fw to liquidtex to water color tubes all of which are amazing when i drop the brush in the middle of the board.... rad. practice thats all it is just ike tattooing your first ones suck and your real proud of them at first and then soon you will be ashamed haha. i have to paint some stuff soon ill try to post the step by step shit and show off all my fuck ups. i outlined a sheet of flash the other day and dripped on it two minutes into it. fuck it i finished it and will worry about it when im done.

    good luck oh also try cresent water color board its rad.

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