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  1. Fun thread: I'll be going in for a consultation Wednesday but I'm curious, anybody here get tattooed over bulging discs? I have three of them and go to the chiropractor monthly to get them adjusted but the thought of putting a tattoo on top has me less than aroused. I'm set on getting the tattoo anyway but I'm just trying to prepare myself mentally.
  2. I saw that Ashley piece earlier today on Instagram and instantly liked it. Super cool design for whoever is getting it. I've been looking at hawks recently for a forearm so I'll be interested how this turns out.
  3. Dean Bloebaum at Infinity here in Portland made this one for me. He has a few cobras in his flash and I've always liked his skulls, so I said "Cobra-dagger-skull" and this is what he came up with. I'm stupid stoked with how this turned out. Edit: Even before the color was added I thought it was pretty cool.
  4. Cobra-dagger-skull on the shin. Oh yeah, it's going down next Friday thanks to Dean Bloebaum. Can't wait to see what he comes up with!
  5. Got my very own panther today. Tyson Arndt at Historic slammed this in about 2.5 hours. Couldn't be happier.
  6. Courtesy of Tyson Arndt at Historic in Portland.
  7. I've watched it. Probably my favorite tattoo show at the moment. Light hearted, upbeat, and lacking the usual scripted drama that typically goes along with these shows. They actually show quite a few tattoos too. Worth a watch in my book.
  8. Just going to share a quick story; I've read through this thread and watched the Hardy panther seminar, so pretty much was already convinced I needed a big panther piece on my chest. This past week, I'm spending a little time in the chair with the artist I've been going to and mentioned his big sheet of large cat flash is missing from the wall. Kinkos for prints, but that divulged into my desire for a panther head and watching the Ed Hardy gig online. His head suddenly snapped up and with excitement says, "I was there, only about 100 of us were in attendance!" What are the odds, right? I didn't already need the encouragement to get it done this summer, but the universe seemingly gave me that extra little nudge I needed to follow through. His excitement for making the tattoo seemingly matches my excitement to receive it which makes it extra cool. Anyway, just felt like sharing.
  9. Yeastbreath

    Hula girl

    Always liked pinups and was given "permission" by my wife to get a hula girl since she's a native hawaiian herself. She didn't know I was getting a topless one though and took issue with my new tattoo for about an hour after she saw it, but got over it before we went to bed. Tyson at Historic pulled this one out of the Milton Zeiss Yellow Beak book and tweaked it out a little. Really stoked how this turned out.
  10. Yeastbreath

    Queen rose

    Seventh anniversary tattoo with my wife. I like chess and came up with the idea to have a rose with the queens crown tattooed on my left side. She has the kings crown on a rose on her left as well. Tyson Arndt at Historic knocked this one out for me.
  11. Yeastbreath

    My cock

    First tattoo, took in a picture of a rooster to Dean Bloebaum at Historic and he made a killer tattoo out of it!
  12. Thanks, he was my first! It's pant season right now so I have the opportunity to ask people if they want to see my 8 inch cock before showing them my calf. Yeah, I'm "that guy".
  13. Don't really have a favorite artist. I've gotten the two I have from Dean and Tyson at Historic Tattoo. My wife is working on a side piece with Tanya at Above the Pearl and it's looking great so far. I keep coming back to Cheyenne Sawyer at Atlas on Instagram, and can't help but think I better setup an appointment with him. Absolutely killing it from my perspective. Instagram Instagram Above The Pearl Tattoo Images Instagram
  14. Technically, I don't live in city limits, but for all intents and purposes I call Portland home at the moment. Great tattoo culture here and I finally got bit by the bug soon after my 31st birthday this year. Two tattoos deep now, and I'm already thinking about a dozen others! Looking forward to learning more about tattoos and drawing inspiration here at LST. Oh yeah, and my name is Jason. Edit: pics: http://instagram.com/p/iK6-1RSWn_/ http://instagram.com/p/gqB9cZSWlk/
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