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  1. I know plenty of bikers and have yet to come across any who would see the term 'bikie' as derogatory. The Australia 'bikie' of today is far removed from the one mick welder talks about, in fact some 'bikers' in OZ, don't even have bikes! Per capita OZ has more bikers than anywhere in the world, and as opposed to others I think there a huge blight on our tattoo industry..
  2. To be fair to Jun as id like to think I no him well, I don't think he would ever use it in the ways you are suggesting are possible, it was as I said more of legal disclaimer regarding health issues etc rather than about copyright, ownership etc. Although this of course was included. I totally agree with your points and scary thoughts though, but perhaps its just a sign of the times.
  3. tbh, I signed the contract over 6 years ago, so the details are hazy.. some of it had to with copyright, others had to do with health disclaimers and about another whole page of stuff. Whilst I agree with your sentiments I guess it just the price of getting a tattoo of said artist. If you don't want to sign it, then don't get the tattoo I guess. My guess is this practice will become more common going forward as legal requirements become more stringent regarding a whole host of things..
  4. This, my friend... is a very bold statement. Some of the most honourable men I know may meet this judgemental opinion. I wouldn't walk into an art gallery if you paid me. It would bore me to tears. It appears very apparent that tattooing for you & I hold two completely different cultural origins. And with that, for respect to this forum, I shall leave this at that. Enjoy your art collection champ. Obviously we disagree on this point and perhaps I painted too broad a brush. But if you can honestly say the Australian tattoo industry and subsequently the quality of its tattoos hasn't suf
  5. Jun Cha https://www.facebook.com/JUNCHApage JUN CHA
  6. Mick, I cant speak for all tattoo artists as I have only ever been tattooed by the same guy but I have a feeling my artist is well ahead of the bell curve. I think he understands that tattooing whilst truly an art form in itself can be branched out into other creative areas. The disclaimer part is a much about publicity as it is about him using my tattoos or their imagery on things like t-shirts, paintings etc and me not suing him saying those images are mine. effectively what the legal disclaimer does is say although its my skin, they are his designs. I think if he'd simply asked me I would
  7. nomadland


    no offence mate but that tattoo is horrible. best advice, laser it then cover it and don't go back to the same artist. Cheers Oz.
  8. Have in the last 6 months sat for 2 x 3 day sessions..about 30 to 35 hours each..in the process of finishing my back plus left leg and well as a few touch ups on the neck. Progress remains slow as a couple hours on each body part dosent really equal much progress. However given that I have to sit for such long sessions and back to back its the only way pain wise that I can do it. Annoyingly I had to sign a disclaimer which means I don't actually own the rights to my tattoo's, so cant show them until they are published by the artist..but if you PM me id be happy to send you some snaps. Cheers
  9. Was searching through the forum and couldn't find a thread on this specifically. In the process of extending my neck tattoo's up onto the back of my head and maybe in the future extending these to the front of my face. Just to a nip the inevitable 'the face/head is a huge step', 'will change your life/appearance/people's opinions of you' in the bud, I have over 200 hours of work currently on me including hands, neck and one below my left eye, I know what I getting into. any others out there with face/head tattoo's or thinking of getting them? if you do have them what's the pain like? what
  10. not sure if this has been mentioned already but the knee (specifically the back) was one of the most painful places I have tattooed (worse than the ribs etc). Not for the faint hearted. Good luck, Oz.
  11. I second everyones opinion.. Just jumped on to say I love that octopus... cheers Oz.
  12. for anyone who feels what there putting on there tattoos isn't working try this. http://www.dollyrouge.ie/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/bepanthen1.jpg
  13. started with the idea to have a suit. black and grey (renaissance style) with a history theme. currently have a left sleeve Caesar V Hannibal (rome v carthage) right sleeve Genghis Khan and Alexander the great (kinda a horse inspired theme) back piece is saladin with background the Dome of the rock. Knights Templar right leg sleeve (half finished) and looking to start my left leg but no theme as of yet. still to do: front neck piece, finish hands, finish right leg, start left leg and chest and lower stomach. From start to finish should be about a 20 year process. My opinion, one style
  14. don't shave. If you do it yourself its possible that the area could develop a rash etc before you get to the artist in question. If its the legs for men, you can clipper it beforehand but don't razor it, let the artist do that
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