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    Jim's Tattoo is the oldest running shop in Massachusetts & NH, established in 1977 by Jim Boyd. In 2011 Jim's was sold to Angry Al. We now have 7 artists & are open 7 days a week! We accept walk-ins & appointments upon request & do all custom work.
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    Seabrook, NH
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  1. As long as you practice good hygiene & make an attempt to be clean within the region of where you get tattooed & all that, really common sense, but some people don't even think about it. The advice is really for a small percentage of people but it is always very important. I have seen a few artists suffer for a few hours over pungent perfume or really stinky feet! unfortunately I have never heard of an artist getting paid hourly in these areas so I guess it differs from place to place which is actually interesting to hear, I had no idea. For us getting tattooed is like, going out to
  2. I think you should ease up a little & just get used to it. The more you get tattooed the more of that you get. If it doesn't mean anything fine, but some people prefer meanings behind their work. I for one, actually enjoy explaining the meanings behind my tattoos, especially because I have come to understand that I am essentially a walking billboard to people & I'm perfectly fine with that. It gives people a chance to see a little bit of me, it also gives me a chance to recommend the talented artists that I have had the privilege to get worked on by in which you know any artist would t
  3. Many people have disagreed with me, but even after having the top portion of my back done, the top of my foot was by far the worst. Ankles, even top of ankle near my foot, sensitive for sure, but the TOP of my foot sucked. I was told that people feel as though they have broken bones in their feet afterwards which I didn't experience at all, just the sharp pains during the tattoo.
  4. having a clean body is actually an important one that most people don't think about, especially FEET. Vicks Vapor rub under your nostrils only does so much. With that being said, I have seen the problem of people wearing too much perfume/cologne. Not everyone likes the smells but especially for people that have to work so close to you! Be open to the fact that the tattooer is not just a tattooer, but an artist. It is more gratifying when the artist can somewhat manipulate what you want into their own creation. I'm not saying an artist should completely alter the tattoo, but not only is it on y
  5. Jims Tattoo


    little yellow bird done by Tank
  6. Jims Tattoo

    Cherry bomb

    a small cherry bomb done by our artist Jim
  7. Jims Tattoo


    traditional rose done by our artist Angry Al
  8. Jims Tattoo


    Fairy cover up done by our artist Ashley
  9. Jims Tattoo


    this spider is part of a jungle themed sleeve done by one of our artists, Tank
  10. Hey everyone, this is Leah at Jim's Tattoo in Seabrook NH, I am currently doing reception type things along with the social media & networking for the shop so I figured after facebook, instagram, tumblr & all that stuff that this was the next step. Please bare with me as I have never used a forum before! We have 7 really talented artists at the shop & my main focus is to share their work, spread their talent as well as checking out what other people are up to. Any tips to the site or feedback will be appreciated. Thanks!
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