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    My names Jeff,I am a 24 year old Tattooer out of Clean Slate Tattoo in Centennial CO. I apprenticed at Dark Millennia Tattoo Studio in Englewood CO. under Van Biard. My life is Tattooing and I couldn't be happier. Always striving to push myself to progress in my art and tattooing.
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    Denver, CO
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    Tattooing, Tattoos, drawing/painting
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  1. @injek Definitely talk with your tattoo artist about the best place to position the tattoo in relation to the size it is going to be. Ribs or shoulder would be a good place. In my mind I could see it on the calf and carrying the circle and splatter designs to wrap around the calf
  2. My biggest pet peeve is when a client tries to talk over you and act like they know everything there is about a tattoo and the tattooing process because they watched x amount of seasons of tattoo oriented shows. That and Clients that insist that their tattoo is upside down or faces the wrong way for the position on the body. - - - Updated - - - Sometimes you just want to look at a client, cock your head and repeatedly shake the tattoo sense into them.
  3. Van Biard at Clean Slate Tattoo in Centennial CO tattooed a feather on the back of my neck. We did this tattoo on me as part of our tattoo benefit for Claire Davis, after the Arapahoe HS shooting. The feather is one of the symbols for Arapahoe HS. Being so close to so many people at the school and having gone there myself I decided to get one of the tattoos aswell. - - - Updated - - - http://denver.cbslocal.com/2013/12/30/arapahoe-high-students-faculty-get-tattoos-to-remember-claire-davis/
  4. jtltattooco

    Wisdom Tooth

    "Wisdom" Tooth pencil drawing
  5. Sugar skull and symbols tattoo I made on my clients foot
  6. Lyrics from The Ghost Inside and Roses on the forearm.
  7. Traditional black sheep tattoo I had the pleasure of making.
  8. One of the tattoos I have done for a benefit I am doing after the Arapahoe HS shooting
  9. Drawn on script chest tattoo
  10. 24 year old Tattooer from Denver CO, currently making tattoos at Clean Slate Tattoo in Centennial CO.
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