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  1. Hey all, man it's been ages since I posted hope everyone is sweet. Just booked a trip to the Netherlands over Christmas and have some spare time and money saved for a small tattoo whilst in Amsterdam. Any places you guys recommend? Cheeeeeers
  2. Yes!! This is killer! - - - Updated - - - Yes!! This is killer!
  3. Nice!! Think I'll be getting a similar style dragon next
  4. Have a little 2 week Cali road trip planned for June.. Hopefully can squeeze a little bomber tattoo in at some point!
  5. That Delalande piece is so sweet!! I'm quite happy leaving my nipples as is
  6. Jess Swaffer's stuff is sweet!! She ever come to Europe?? - - - Updated - - - Jess Swaffer's stuff is sweet!! She ever come to Europe??
  7. Just had a weekend in Oslo with the missus topped off with the first session on my chest by Tony at Blue Arms.. Super stoked with it Pic stolen from his Insta. Cheers to @hogg for Percy Waters reference
  8. Hey all, I'm trying to track down some flash of an eagle with a lady riding it fighting a snake. I think it was an Armund Dietzel piece, anyone know? Cheers!!
  9. All booked in with Tony at Blu Arms Oslo.. Super stoked!! Dreading the getting my chest done but excited as too. Looking forward to visiting Oslo too
  10. wilko66 here, not much tattoo stuff on my page either.. But shit instagram makes me want to get new tattoos daily!
  11. I'm debating this at the moment as well man! Just got an eagle on my arm so want something different.. At the moment a Lady head of some sort is winning. Let me know if you find some good inspiration!
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