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  1. Haha you are right! I am in Edmonton. I definitely know of a bunch of tattoo artists in the province I admire a lot.
  2. thanks, but i understand how they work. was more curious on people's thoughts on specials. overall seems to be a pretty positive outlook?
  3. What are people's thoughts on specials? Like not just straight up discounting, but for example there's a shop in my town that did $13 tattoos on friday the 13th if you picked one of their small '13' inspired tattoos from a flash sheet. I've also seen a lot of tattoo artists draw up something and offer, say on instagram, a cheaper deal on the tattoo if anyone wants it because they really want to tattoo it.
  4. As an artist/illustrator, I've had people ask me if they can get my work tattooed on them, and I usually say it's okay. I have had people not ask me though, and i've somehow stumbled upon a photo of a tattoo of my original work without my consent. The way I look at it, is a tattoo artist should be okay with tattooing someone else's work so long as the client has the permission from the original artist. Of course, there are exceptions, like artists that have passed on or artists that are very popular and difficult to get a hold of. It's not really a black and white issue. All I know is I feel p
  5. My tattoo artist told me to remove my bandage after a couple hours and after that just run it under some warm water and gently clean it to get blood/ink off but after that to not do anything to it until the next day. After that I just put a super small amount of lubriderm on it only twice a day and it heals great. Other than that I don't touch it at all (except for dabbing it dry after the shower of course). My skin has always been pretty soft and not crackly so the kind of 'less is more' works well for me but I could see tattoos maybe drying up and cracking too much for someone with natural
  6. My family's first dog was a german shepherd and she passed when I was 11. She was one of my best friends growing up and I've loved dogs ever since. Right now my family has a bichon frise. I really want to get a dog of my own but my apartment building does not allow animals. I recently got a portrait of my german shepherd in the inside of my arm.
  7. I am in Alberta. This is the only tattoo I currently have.
  8. Hey there! My name is Erin. I am an artist & illustrator from Canada. I just began my tattoo collection but that is not why I am here. I am here to learn more about the art and history of tattooing and tattoo culture, hopefully learn about some new great artists. I am also very interested in apprenticing as a tattoo artist but I am still working on my drawing skills and building a portfolio appropriate to present to a shop. (I am not here to learn how to tattoo. Just here to observe other artists and drawing techniques to develop my own work). I don't have any specific questions but I a
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