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  1. Just a little research and I found these few books that may be of interest. Tattoo Traditions of Hawaii (9781566477703): Tricia Allen: Books Maori Tattooing (Dover Pictorial Archives) (9780486430928): H. G. Robley: Books books about tattooing Hope this helps
  2. ROFL to your last paragraph in your post LOL :)
  3. Yes I totally agree! If the Tattoo is "spot on" its amazing to look at all day long.
  4. For me the worst spot has been the area between my bellybutton and my junk. There is still lots of canvas still so I imagine that there will be worse spots.
  5. Yep I agree. When people ask me, I always take the time to tell people about how my tattoos. Which artist and from which shop or how to contact them.
  6. Everyone has some great point for either side of this discussion. I too have my own opinion to this and it is as follows. (I don't have kids yet but its best to know what you plan to do) I don't believe a Child can make an appropriate decision regarding art at a young age,(Take a kid to an art museum you will see what I mean) because tattoos are art, not just images. Would you not want your art that's adorned on your skin to be aesthetically pleasing? A person needs to be mature, cultured and educated in tattoos to be able to make an important decision that will last for the rest of their lives. It is my opinion that a child does not have these qualities. I am speaking out of experience, and I don't think I was ready at 18 to get one.(although I was not very educated in tattoos at that time in my life. I got that one covered up now) Even at 21 I got something that I am happy with the idea of but now at 31 I am thinking about what I can do to it to have it fixed, or should it just be a cover up as its in an area that is blocking bigger and better things. All my other tattoos have been carefully planned out and they look amazing! Also when a child muscles are not fully developed an image may just become distorted as they grow into their prime. So no I would not let a child get tattooed under the age of 18.
  7. Astrology aside I personally have noticed that that in my area Winter does not really start until about the first or second week of January. When previously (when I was a kid) There was always a white Christmas, thus indicating that the seasons are about a month behind. I always had the theory that the seasons would slowly regulate themselves till the temperature was basically on an even keel.
  8. Hello everyone! Well my method for healing up after getting new ink is as follows: After getting tattooed I leave the bandages on until bed time. That night I wash the tattoo with a mild soap and cold water to keep the pores closed(don't want to open the pores and draw out and of that fresh ink). Then I pat dry the area with paper towel. I don't apply anything on it to allow it to breath for the night. for the next 2 days I repeat my washing procedure and drying with no application of products. (Showers are lukewarm too, just till the scabs are off). The next morning I apply Black Cat Tattoo Healing salve. This is when the healing procedures are that I wash the tattoo at night and apply the salve in the mornings. At about 1 week (give or take a day or two) from getting the tattoo, all the scabs are off and the itch is gone. Once the scabs are gone I use Lubriderm Unscented lotion to make my skin nice and soft LOL
  9. Hello I just wanted to put my two cents on the subject. Now about the sun, about 3-4 weeks is about the norm for keeping your new tattoo out of the sun. There is a sunblock from Neutrogena that is called Ultra Sheer dry-touch sunscreen. It has an SPF rating of 100. That is what I use on my tattoos when I go shirt-less during the summer. Everywhere else I use the same brand sunscreen with a SPF of 50 or 60. My wife and I went to Hawaii for our honeymoon, we went through about 2 and a half bottles of the stuff as we found the sun was really intense there. As for the seawater, I would say that as your tattoo scabs are off and its past the "shiny" stage you should be all good. On a side venture about water if you decide you would rather spend time in the hotel pool you might want to make sure you have some Vaseline to put on your tattoo or the Chlorine will chew at your ink and fade it out (sadly I am speaking out of experience) I hope this helps you out and I am not just telling you stuff you already know! Have an awesome trip!
  10. Aww thanks for the warm welcome! :)
  11. Hi everyone I am new here to this site! :) I have been looking around and I love what you have created. I love looking at all the tattoos that people have had done. There are piles of amazing artists out there, Props are in order to them all!
  12. Great Horned Owl on my leg. tattooed the Great Horned Owl was Kathy from ExpressU tattoo.
  13. RockelMan


    Koi on my forearm. This was a cover up, and the start to my sleeve, which is now about 2/3rds complete. The Artist who tattooed the Koi was Dan Cameron from Immaculate Conception.