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  1. My wife was telling me about his new album that was coming out. I think his renditions are great and usually better than the originals LOL
  2. Would you go to a dentist that had missing teeth? Would you go buy a car from a sales man that takes the bus? Would you buy a cake from a baker that does not eat sweets. How about a Fat Personal trainer? LOL I am having too much fun with this. All to be said that getting tattooed by an artist with little to no tattoos, makes little to no sense at all. But to each their own.
  3. Ya I am in the same boat as Ursula. I want my sleeve done so I can start planning my next big piece. :) As to the what and who. . . I am still looking into that.;)
  4. Hi Steve. Yes It is from the old gallery. For some reason some of the photos I deleted are gone but still, photo "arm4" is there. If you could remove it for me as it just does not seem to want to go LOL. I have yet to upload any new ones to my gallery because I have another appointment this thursday so I will take new photos of my sleeve in progress then
  5. HAHAHA 30 Pieces of flair. "uuuummmmmmm yaaaaaaaa I am going to havvvvve to umm ask you to come in saturday. . . yaaaaaaaa and then again on sundayyy ok that would be greeeaattt *takes sip from coffee mug*". oh office space you crack me up.
  6. Thanks Steve. I see the delete option for my own photos in my gallery but when I select the ones I want to remove, then click the delete button at the bottom of the page, it reloads the page like it is going to delete them but the photos are still there. any ideas?
  7. Maybe I am just not looking at it right but I cant seem to find a way to delete some of the pics I have in my gallery. I have a few that I think are more of a duplicate and as they are of my incomplete sleeve I would like to remove some as I will be adding more later on.
  8. wings with star designed by my wife and tattooed by Kathy at ExpressU
  9. I was at the NIX convention today. I went by your booth but you were not in today :( Sorry I missed you there, Oh well maybe next time.

  10. I have a few different runs that I like to do. Each with there own times to complete. The one path that I like to take that usually takes me 40 min, I was able some how to cut it down 7 min a few days ago!! SO that means I now have a new goal of keeping that run down to 33 min from now on. Oh why did I have to up my own ante LOL
  11. Welcome to the Forum Mel Noir!!
  12. wow thats awesome!! Its from Garmin you say??? well I will have to do some looking into that little device. Thanks for the tip!!
  13. Yep don't worry cfgsteak I picked my current artist on his portfolio and on work he had done on one of my friends. I give my artist my idea and maybe a few reference pics of what I am after and I let him do his thing. I think what he's doing is amazing! and thats what counts. He just tells me what he's planning and it is usually its WAY better than what I had in mind. LOL! Don't lose sleep over it, just look forward to your new tattoo your going to get. Just make sure to post some pics in the new tattoo thread so we can all have a look :)
  14. Thanks for posting this Alanna. It was fun looking at some of the shops in Toronto as I don't live there and would have no idea where to go. If I ever Have the time to go to T.O. to get a tattoo I may just use this list.
  15. And here I ve been taking colder showers LOL. But so much enjoy a nice hot shower. hmm maybe I ll give it a try with my next tattoo session for the sleeve I am having done.
  16. I was always led to believe that hot water or hot moisture would open the pores of the skin making the area scab up more (thicker scabs) and make some of the ink leach out too. I may be wrong, but thats what I know.
  17. I have an awesome SPF 100 I use on my tattoos if and when they are going to be exposed to sunlight. I usually use SPF 45-60 everywhere else. As to using it on a new tattoo I would say as long as the scabs and flaky skin are gone then it should be o.k. Thats what I have been doing lately and I don't think I have seen any ill effects yet.
  18. Yes so far the ditch has been the hardest part to heal. All I did was used an extra pillow to wedge my side to keep me from moving too much while sleeping and I kept my arm on top of the sheets so the area kept cool and aired out nicely after washing it before bed. I would also imagine (I have not had these done yet) the back of the knee would be a bad spot or on the sole of your foot. Oh and as I am thinking of it the arm pit too. . .Ouch. . .I don't want to think about that one.
  19. Having all one style of tattoo OR different styles of tattoos is great either way! They both look good when finished. The collectors that have all one style have a very unique tattoo that flows so nicely over the whole body. Until it would be finished I would keep looking at it (if it were me) and saying to myself, "man there so much more to go till its done". LOL With the collectors that have all sorts of different styles are lucky to have had the different artists tattoo them. Also they are really interesting to look at because its so very individual and can be so random. :)
  20. Great video! There are lots of people out there (not just tattoo artists) that could benefit from listening to Marcus speak.
  21. RockelMan

    sand art

    I love the Metallica, nothing else matters song in string instruments at 6:14 in the video. Great rendition.
  22. Welcome to LST Kev!
  23. Welcome Jodi-ann, A.K.A. Missfires.