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  1. Wow what a great tattoo and portfolio
  2. Cool I am not that far away I may just make a day of it and go for a fun afternoon/evening or who knows maybe an over-nighter LOL I will keep that date in mind and see whats up Thanks for posting this convention and the date for it. :)
  3. That is great news!! Congratulations to you guys!
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    Hello and welcome
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    As Dari has said Jake have said about getting a few tattoos and just watching the artist work (don't ask too many questions with your first tattoo or two just watch). As a collector, when I am looking at an artist to do my next piece, I usually check out the tattoos that they have. I know they could not have done them all him/herself but maybe a few are his/her own. And I may ask them if any are their own work. If the artist has very little or none at all I would think twice about getting tattooed by that person. Why would someone be a tattoo artist with no tattoos? It would be like a judge with no robe and gavel, could you really trust that they are what they say they are?.
  6. What an awesome looking dog! and did you notice the book the dog is reading? its all about the breed LOL My wife just said "hey that's my lawyer" and then snickered. LOL
  7. Awesome! And that you did that while fishing makes it all the better LOL
  8. The first shop I went into was an awesome experience. Being 19 I was excited about delving into the art form and seeing what it was all about. The sound of the tattoo machines and the smell of the Detol was awesome! Looking at all the flash on the walls and all the custom work in the portfolios. . . I knew right then that I would be a collector. All I needed was some form of a job to start paying for all the ink. 12 years later I am still collecting. I loved that clean smell of the Detol so much that I use it at home for disinfecting my house LOL I can be such a nerd at times.
  9. HAHAHA this stuff is awesome! I laugh because all this stuff is like some sort of punch line to lifes seriously mundane activities. Keep the good stories coming LOL Ill add to as they happen.
  10. I hope I am not the only one who does stupid stuff and gets hurt. Not intentional stuff like you would see on Jackass where you KNOW they will get hurt, I am talking like random everyday stuff. Here is my story of the day. I am doing a little construction job for a friend of my mother-inlaw. So I went to Home depot this morning bought all the materials I would need, paid and went to the car to put it all in so I could get to their house and start working. Well to make the drywall fit into the car I needed to cut it in half, length wise so I could keep the 8 foot length of the drywall. So I marked it where I needed to cut it, put the pencil in my mouth because I was going to need to use it again for the next piece. So I scored the drywall, picked up the piece so I could flip it over and snap it in two. As I was in the process of flipping it over did I not hit the pencil that was in my mouth with the board and jam the pencil into my gums snapping off the tip . . . . I am all right and think I got out most of the pencil graphite out, but man was that stupid of me LOL Digging at my gums till I feel the jaw bone is not what I would call fun. I wonder it will be a canker in the morning?? Please tell me I am not the only one that does this kind of crap.
  11. Just wanted to post a few more of these. I find it really fascinating that a stationary image with just the right shading can look like its moving. hope you all enjoy them as much as I do :)
  12. I was just thinking of someone having a few portfolios, one for wildlife and one for realism for example and have the portfolio labeled on the outside. If a client is to much of a douche to see quality in the artists work then they might as well get a mediocre tattoo from someone else (maybe that's what they were looking for LOL Some people are messed up what can I say?)
  13. My predictions for the top 3 tattoos for 2011 are as follows: 1) Sea creatures. 2) Script on the ribs (mostly for girls) 3) Usage of the bellybutton for an animal anus.
  14. Yes I love ordering the Baked potato. I like to order something from the appetizers menu and baked potato. Makes for a great meal!!
  15. Yep the ick factor is and can be hard to look past. My Father in-law is a taxidermist and a hunter, I've gotten past the ick factor and my wife was long past it when I met her LOL
  16. I know you posted this a while ago but I just read it now. You could take a look at some calligraphy books from a craft store. The script styles within some of the books are very smooth.
  17. I don't have a photos of these two but one friend of mine has a rose with a few star bursts around it with the script "Love Hurts" under the rose. Also another friend has brass knuckles on his palm. They both say its really hard to have the ink keep in that part of the skin as its so thick.
  18. Totally agree with Gouge, nice collection you have there.
  19. Hey don't fret. You could always use a pair of snap pants to keep your self half covered. Or you could use a towel to wrap your self half up. Or best yet you could ask your Artist what they recommend as they have agreed to tattoo your back down past your butt. I am sure they wont care if you asked what it is they want, as they may be thankful to know what you would be wearing for that session. LOL maybe you could use a sock to cover up your junk LOL
  20. I totally agree with Jake on this one. Use the time till you turn 18 to save up and research different artists portfolios online. Another nice thing too is that with a website for a shop you can usually see how clean it is too and how they operate the shop. Find an artist who's work is really impressive and contact them with your idea. Make sure to ask all the other important questions too. For example; How long has the artist been tattooing? Is there a long waiting list for booking appointments? Make sure to check the database here on this site about the artists that are highly recommend. There are piles of amazing artists here.
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    Tammy, if she was into MMA professionally, Yes she would be able to harm people and they teach you that but that's not the point of Martial arts. You would learn the basics first so you don't get hurt. If you were to spar with her she would already know how to restrain her strength for keeping form and technique optimal. Sparing is a way to learn how to apply things you have learned in a controlled environment till it becomes second nature. So that when it arises in an uncontrolled environment you can take control of the situation. If your looking at a cardio martial arts class I don't think of it as a martial arts self defense/combat training class. I think of a Billy Blanks work out video. Yes he uses some punches and kicks but learning how to apply it in an uncontrolled situation or learn the respect for the Martial art that you would be learning I don't think apply. Both of these would be a great work out though if you wanted to get into shape and have some fun doing it.
  22. I was looking in your gallery and I loved your work. Just figured I should say so

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    Mine is only a 65Lbs bag but it has an anchor for the ground as well so it reacts like an actual moving target it's neat! Push it hard with a kick or punch and it comes right back at you. Also if you are worried about installation of a heavy bag I do know that they make a free standing support for them on a tube frame (I saw one at Costco yesterday while I was food shopping) it also had a speed bag on it too. Just a thought. I am lucky that my basement is unfinished so I had no problem mounting it to the floor joists.