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  1. Here is my tattoo from yesterday by Alessio Ricci at Avalon 2
  2. Just got this today by Alessio Ricci @ Avalon 2 here in San Diego Super stoked on this.
  3. My latest from Cody at black heart. Had a good time gettin tattooed by him. Good conversation and light hand. And fast.
  4. I really enjoyed your first interview. Thanks for posting it up here. I think it was good to get a glimpse of the artist.
  5. OK, this is my first tattoo, done by myself during a party at my house while the parents were out of town. Was a little loopy and like 14 years old at the time? (1984). It started out good, the F and U came out nice; but the C and K are horrible. India ink and a sewing needle. Part of it got burned off on a motorcycle tail pipe later (and that doesn't seem to make it any worse haha).
  6. sbj619

    First tattoo

    First tattoo by myself on myself 1984
  7. Well the finished tattoo turned out better than my first done with a similar homemade "gun"
  8. Well there ya go, the tattoo fad is over. Next on TLC: LA laser tattoo removal?
  9. Like the title says, does anyone have recommendations for a good traditional style tattooer in San Diego? Thanks all.
  10. sbj619


    Grant Cobb works out of spotlight and is a really cool guy and great tattoo artist. He did the wolf head you can see in my gallery, and check out his portfolio Grant Cobb He seems to travel frequently so if you want work from him make sure he is around when you are. When I was there I saw Baby Ray doing a black and grey skull sleeve that looked real nice too.
  11. sbj619

    Wolf Head

    Wolf head by Grant Cobb 28 APR 2011
  12. Saw this today A BRIEF HISTORY OF TATTOOS IN THE NBA - Viceland Today and thought I would share it. Any one have anything to add? Do you agree there are a lot of horrible tattoos in the NBA? Anyone here tattooed any pro basketball players?
  13. Yakuza fan gets a Yakuza tattoo worth $9000 | GamersMint I think they get their terms mixed up here? Not done by a Yakuza tattooer, not irezumi. Are all "Yakuza" tattoo irezumi? Nice tattoo though, I guess.
  14. Well, I don't think Ke$ha should be tattooing. Ke$ha Uses Needle and Pen to Tattoo a Fan | PopEater.com
  15. Not sure where to post this but Chris Eckert Computer controlled tattoo machine that gives a random religious symbol tattoo. Video : What do you think?
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