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  1. not bad at all seen some 20 year old ones the other day that were just lil blobs hahahah and i like the newer one definitely haven't seen one like it anywhere always love tattos that are something shaped to look like something at a quick glance
  2. this one is my favorite inside of the bicep was annoying as hell but so worth it
  3. Lets see some. I don't know if there is already a thread strictly for awesome/funny/realistic/old school skulls but if there is i couldn't find it so i decided to start this thread! bring em onnnnnnnn
  4. he can afford those chains but couldn's buy himself a decent looking tattoo lol if you are gonna do an ice cream cone on someones face it should def look a whole lot better than that
  5. Thanks for the welcome man and the first session was from about 3 and a half hours and the second was about 7 the bicep it next and it will go somewhat under my arm but nor full coverage. this may change however but is the current plan :)
  6. back view 2nd session speak evil will be on the front of my bicep and it will be up soon
  7. side view 2nd session this is hear evil skull
  8. front view 1st session hes the see evil skull
  9. Hey everybody, my names cory and im in the process of getting a half sleeve from Devon Casey at stone age tattoos check it out and lemme know what u think :D
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