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  1. I find it great that a few of you mentioned Smith st, I found out about them a few days ago, and have been very interested in the studio since. Thanks to everyone who has commented so far! Much appreciated!
  2. So here's the idea.... My lovely fiancee and I are running away to Coney Island to get married... We are currently planning things, and realize that we are still missing a few details. We would like to get tattooed the same day, right after the wedding, and are looking for an artist that is proficient in traditional style tattooing. I figure since we are in Coney Island, this would also be a great time to visit some historical tattoo sites as well. If anyone can recommend an artist for us, we would be very grateful. We dont mind traveling abit, but we don`t want to stray too far from the area. Cheers.
  3. Check out Dave Fox's book HAUNTED. Great illustrations and great stories to go with it.
  4. Maybe he stuck his nose in someones buisness?? If there was no witness, i guess only he nose.......puntacular!
  5. Ive known artists that worked in suits... kinda seems odd to me to risk splashing ink on a 300$ suit just to give off the impression that your shop is ultra professional....and there is the other problem... its unfortunate to see a holier-than-thou attitude come from wearing a certain vestment ... There is one shop in town that have kinda labelled themselves as a "calm spa like environment" for their customers, and they all wear hospital scrubs... the general consensus around town is that most of the older clientele appreciate it, but some more "traditional' clientele is alittle put off by it.... To each their own i suppose...
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  9. I think its a great advantage to be able to run a half sleeve of celtic knotwork thru a thermo fax machine, saves alot of time, but I do believe in hand stenciling tattoos thru an apprenticeship..gives you more of an appreciation of what its like to have such a luxury, and also leaves you with no excuses if your machine ever does crap out.
  10. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas used to play at the shop all the time on my TV...universally appreciated by clients of all walks of life... Although for the tuff guy/ jocks that used to come in, Id always have a copy EXTREME CAT FIGHTING on hand...
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