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  1. Tutti Serra Black Garden Tattoo, London
  2. Tutti Serra Black Garden Tattoo, London
  3. first session of my new sleeve
  4. Thank you all so much for your advice; I have only just noticed all the replies to this thread, sorry, put it down to my inexperience with this site. But I will investigate all the great artists you mention, and keep you posted on developments. Mark ;) ps Anyone planning to go to the Brighton convention over the weekend 15/16 Feb?
  5. Hi and thanks for your interest; who do you consider the best traditional japanese style artist currently working in London?
  6. My late artist and I after our last session
  7. HI, have just discovered this amazing site, which I am delighted to now be a member of. I'm particularly interested in good quality Japanese style tattoos and have a half sleeve shoulder chest panel by the late great Jason Saga, which won first prize in the Best Traditional Category of the Miami NTA convention. We were planning to complete to full sleeve and start the other side, then hopefully full back but he sadly died and I have been stuck ever since. Am hoping to find inspiration on here to continue my plan towards a full Japanese body suit. Wish me luck!
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