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    I am a teacher who loves making art with young children, I am currently working on a book idea which I hope to self-publish by 2015.
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    San Pancho, Califaz
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    Music, dancing, cooking, bikes, art in all forms, whether it be on a human, canvas or a brick wall.
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    I teach the youth!

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  1. @MadeIndelible @cltatttoing you dudes are so on the ball. Thanks for being open and willing to meet up, it stokes me out!
  2. @cltattooing I would love to meet some of you! I am going to see OM on Wed night (April 16th) at the Great American MusicHall if any of you are going to be there. Or just to hang out in the gorgeous weather sometime, that could be fun too. Jasmin
  3. Man, this is one of the raddest threads I've stumbled across on here, so much inspiration! I'm re-enrolled in college and I'm totally nervous. I have been interviewing a few local tattoo artists for some research I am doing for a children's book, which has been really fun and interesting. I am also recently stepping back in to the dating world... totally like riding a bike, including the falling down and getting back up again. What else? I quit drinking 4 months ago to see how my life would change, so far it's been pretty good. Definitely more productive! It can also be a little challenging to find new ways to be social. I am excited to make new friendships and explore my beloved city outside of a bar... haha. Suggestions??
  4. I went did any of you go for the opening? i bought one of the 20 dollar prints, it was such a good show! @cltatooing
  5. I'm excited for this show, I hope to see some of you there! Thanks for posting this @cltatooing I get so busy with work I space cool events like this!
  6. @Dan Thank you! ya'll are making me blush... I need to do some exploring on this forum and check out some tattoos and blogs. There is so much on here it's overwhelming. I am joined LST to get a sense of the community and to dip my toes in here and there. Pardon me for sounding ignorant but my profile says I have "votes" is that like getting "jumped in" or??? are you voting for me? and if so what for? I'm feeling a tiny bit timid about it but otherwise stoked! I got voted best dimples once in school. It wasn't super exciting but I fucking won. Jasmin
  7. Hi @KBeee that was mighty thoughtful of you, thanks! I'm gonna take a look at those. I have been sick in bed for two days, do you have any movie suggestions too :) My other tattoos are not as easy to take selfies of but once I am better, I'll ask a friend to take a picture. be well Jasmin
  8. Hey @MadeIndelible The welcome I've received has been warm and very generous, thanks everybody! and thank you for the compliment. No such thing as a bad seed! just seeds who had shitty growing conditions, not enough sunshine and water :) also: from what i've seen (joking or not) it seems that people are pretty respectful on here and that people check themselves. It's nice to see adults communicating on this site, way to go ya'll!
  9. - - - Updated - - - Hi @rozone Thanks! one is Chris Conn and one is Scott Sylvia. I got Guadalupe first and then about 4 years later had finallly come up with my next idea. Since Chris had left the business during that time. I asked Chris who he suggested for the style I wanted. I shared my idea with him and he pointed me to Scott Sylvia, for which I am super grateful. Scott did a wonderful job with what I call "indigena" he nailed it. I know this may sound silly, but A big part of getting tattooed for me is feeling a connection to the artist. Both of these guys made the experience memorable for me. I wish Scott was my unkle. Nicest dude. oh and btw. I absolutely LOVE your 3 eyed lady, it's so beautiful and unique!
  10. @cltattooing Thanks so much. It's really nice to hear such wonderful feedback. Tattoos have been such a personal experience for me that I forget how good it feels to share them. It's kinda crazy how often they are covered up or how I forget they are there. It feels good to recognize and honor the art and artists! - - - Updated - - - Hi @CABS thanks for taking a look and for saying hello :) I knew from the moment I decided I wanted tattoos that I would never have colorful ones. I've spent a lot of time admiring colorful tattoos but it just doesn't seem to fit or work with my skin. I do love shading and delicate lines regardless of color or black and gray. Your weeping Drake is cracking me up!
  11. @bugxjuice Howdy, right back atcha. I was tattoed by Chris 8 or so years ago. I am terrible with time lines but it was a very sweet experience and it was where I met Mike Lucena who tattooed me last year. He was apprenticing with Chris. - - - Updated - - - God, that just took me a minute to figure out the photo upload feature on here! - - - Updated - - - Mike Lucena's fancy workings Thanks for all the encouragement. It's a bit intimidating to share. Hope you all enjoy a peek in to my mind/heart at the hands of some very talented artists. Enjoy. - - - Updated - - - @hogg Thanks! and BAY AREA! When is it gonna rain?! - - - Updated - - - hey there @Iwar I was in Oslo a few years back, it was lovely. I posted a few pictures below. I actually dont have many pictures of my tattoos. My co-worker took the one of my arms today at work. And the moth, I took off of Mike's Instagram. I hope they are ok! And thank you for the kind welcome.
  12. Guadalupe- Chris Conn Indigena- Scott Sylvia
  13. Hi Catharine, Thanks! I love my Job. It can be really draining sometimes but mostly fulfillling. I don't have any good photos of them but I will see if I can post some today after work. Thanks for your interest. Jasmin
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