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    "Just a bum with a dream..." Big admirer of Mr. Owen, Stoney, Collins, Ernie Sutton, Tex Rowe, Mike Skiver, Raven, Thomas, Shaw, Col. Todd(!), Larry Mora, Crazy Eddie, Mike Malone, and of course deVita. Grew up on a dock as my grandfather was harbor pilot. Old school tattooing speaks to me, regardless of the times. Why do I do it? Money. What do I like about it? Stories. Into the history. Wanted to be tattooed since I was 5...
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    South of Egypt
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    Hisotry, machine building, networking, writing, beer, hockey, tattooing (nach), music, art, blood
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    Tattooer/Wanna be writer

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  1. If you are still active here i knew Danny Danzl. Hit me up.