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    I have been tattooing in the Cleveland, ohio area for 19 years. I own Classic Tattoo.
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    Old cars, painting, and Tattooing, and old toy collecting
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  1. I love using FW liquid acrylics too. They are fun to work with.
  2. Thanks again for the sweet back piece outline, can't wait to start filling it in.

  3. I don't mind the TV in the shop it keeps customers minds of the pain I feel. We watch The following over and over, 1. Step Brothers 2. Artie Lange Jack and Coke 3. Superbad 4. Pray for Me Jason Jessee
  4. That's so dope. I love your shop bro I got to visit it during the SFO Pre-party. Thanks for the beer!
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    Von coop
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    Irish sleeve
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