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    I build custom arm rest for the tattoo shops i Pa. I have also shipped ss far as Florida. I love bass and trout fishing and ofcource getting tats
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    reading pa
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    fishing, welding
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  1. Sorry just cant seem to find my tat in here I'm not to good with the computer. I do build killer arm rest if anyone needs one
  2. Wentz Welding


    my bass
  3. Wentz Welding


    my bass
  4. I recently got a bass tat on my leg everyone was asking y. Why!!! Why not i love bass fish i sm so addicted to fishing i just cant wait till wheather gets nice agsin
  5. My stainless arm rest built to last
  6. My stainless arm rest built to last
  7. My stainless arm rest built to last
  8. I have been building arm rest for local tattoo shops and have a few questions to make my product better. What do you guys think is the best height, I have been making them 28" from floor to top of pad and 36" fully extended. What do you like as a base? Round flat plate? Thanks for any help
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