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  1. Juan did my last tattoo and I was sold. I now fly from NYC to get work done from him, not only do I love the work he has done for me but he is just fun to sit with! Thank you for this video!
  2. I just wanted to introduce myself. I am a young lady who is new to blogging but not new to tattoos. I have many hours of tattoo work and an avid collector looking forward to filling up this canvas of mine. Right now I am working on a research project looking at tattoos in the work place and hope to get the chance to talk more about this within this community (see attachment) but I look forward to chatting about anything tattoos. Have a great day. Caitlin
  3. CaitlinMarie

    rib script

    "Friends and Family "rib piece done by Aaron Hodges (I think?) @ Idel Hand in SF, CA
  4. CaitlinMarie


    There's the last frame of my thigh piece by Juan... He is amazing!
  5. Finally finished the last frame during my trip to California for the Holidays
  6. Peachy Submarine by Eli Quinters @ Smith Street Tattoo in Brooklyn, NY
  7. Heart on My Sleeve by Stuart Cripwell @ Spider Murphy's in Marin, Ca. Top Script "First do no harm" - by Jason Mcafee @ Temple in Oakland, CA Wrist "Truth Conquers" Got it done sooo long ago at Mom's In SF
  8. CaitlinMarie


    Unfinished thigh piece of little girl with a curl being good and horrid by Juan Puente @ Black Heart in SF, CA
  9. A friend posted this on his FB page and thought it was fitting. Tattoo artists ideas on tattoos in the workplace. Guest Blog: Ian White – Tattoo Acceptance In The Workplace : TattooSnob.com By the way I am completely new to the world of blogging and I wonder if it is a faux pas to post on one blog a piece from another? If so, my apologies but the piece seemed thought provoking and fitting to the thread. Enjoy!
  10. Thanks for showing interest! Can't wait to hear everyone's experiences.
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