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  1. So cool. Always loved this flash, am debating going knee or elbow with it, not sure how that would look, but love this regardless.
  2. Beauties! Really need to get tattooed by the rest of the Smith Street gents, just need to save up! If I'm getting tattooed by Boltz or Bert, I don't want a small filler, I need something at least palm sized
  3. That Capilli one is so good. Love that dudes color palate. Always loved Mike Schweigert's ships.
  4. Eli Quinters, Smith Street
  5. Constantly going back and forth with this. Part of me wants to stick with one tattooer for a more cohesive look, another part of me likes meeting new people and collecting. Not a bad problem to have...maybe save up for a a second torso or third arm?
  6. Only Prince can spell "you" as "u." B&G referred to as "black and white" always makes me wince.
  7. Women with snakes and crossbones? Sounds goddamn tough and sexy!
  8. Ahh, here we go. Eli Quinters, Smith Street.
  9. JoeJett

    Lady head

    ESQ @ SSTP
  10. Goddamn, that panther is slick. How brutal is that spot? Can't even imagine...
  11. Now more conscience of wearing sunscreen...positive side affect of being tattooed!
  12. Posting on iPad, unsure how to post pics :/
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