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  1. Wow, never would have thought of that as an issue. Not really a place I'd get one anyway though.
  2. Good story, most people never really get that in-depth about their tattoo experiences IMO. I like the idea that the meaning for you is about the memories and not some kind of philosophy or abstract concept. Not sure I'm all about the implusive stuff myself but to each their own and obviously it worked out for you and your friends.
  3. Thanks guys, I look forward to hearing a lot of cool tattoo stories and learning about the things I don't know at this point.
  4. My first tattoo concept was to have a few words of simple text with a personal meaning. Those words are "Long Live" in a sort of manly calligraphy type. I had several ideas I toyed with before that but settled on this for three reasons, it would be simple to do, wouldn't take long and wouldn't cost much. granted, those aren't necessarily the best reasons but we live and learn. I'm still happy with it mainly because it was well thought out and not impulsive.
  5. I've always heard that the parts of the body that are prone to the most moisture are the ones that have the most problems healing. They also seem like that don;t last as long compared to other ones. One case I know of is a friend who got some lettering done on the inside of her lower lip. A tattoo artist friend also told me that the time of year/temperature can actually make a difference. The reason is that apparently in the warmer months, your skin is less supple and that makes if more of a problem than getting a piece done during the winter months.
  6. Long time tattoo fan here and figured I'd join to get some insight from the experts on the subject. I really got into the subject when I learned about the field of alternative modeling and I love the fact that people are bold enough to express themselves, without caring what others think, using the body as the ultimate art canvas. Feel free to send me a message or ask me anything. I'm always up for a good conversation.
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