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  1. I'm trying to find shinji horizakura, who supposedly works at a private studio in NYC. I can't find any way of contacting him or locating his studio. Any clues?
  2. A girl friend wants to get a realistic B&G portrait of her mother tattooed. Who's the guy to go to in NYC for this kind of tattoo?
  3. My cousin who recently immigrated from China to NY revealed to me his desire to become a tattoo artist. He is an excellent painter and artist in general, but he has no experience tattooing. However, he is has an intense admiration for tattoos, and I am confident that he is absolutely serious about learning this craft. What is the process through which he can obtain formal training and licensing, etc, in tattooing to someday work as a tattoo artist? Could any tattoo artists here please share their experience and the process through which you obtained your success? I would appreciate any advice/links.
  4. just extended my half sleeve with a snake from Johan Svahn i attached some pics skull by rg dragon by danh vu
  5. Those traditional black widow spiders are cool so thats another idea to consider
  6. full sleeve dragon on one arm. and full sleeve tiger on the other. for balance
  7. finegentleman


    Gotchu dude. Who's your artist, and what's your idea?
  8. finegentleman


    A dragon from your upper arm to chest would look sick with the koi on your forearm. https://instagram.com/p/0cD35CEC0G/?taken-by=johansvahntattooing
  9. Maybe a sea serpent/snake slithering in and out of the water to fill in the gaps?
  10. The answer is to add something like this: https://instagram.com/p/x5W25FG_o-/?taken-by=rg74 It'd look great with what you have.
  11. so fucking smooth. theres just something about shige's work that makes it so unique... is there anyone else with a similar style?
  12. That was pretty reckless. I can respect that. I'm Asian too and around the same age. Unless you're one of those Asians that look like they're 20 when they're actually 35. Also from New York. dude how did your parents react?
  13. Perfect. Everything flows together nicely. Thanks for sharing.
  14. lol i've been getting so hooked since then. i still revisit that one too to look through all the artist suggestions again. im glad i found this forum - mad helpful community
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