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    23 year old - Londoner now living in New York apprentice at White Rabbit tattoo studio.
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    Brooklyn, NY
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    Football ( soccer ) Art, Painting, My dogs.
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    Apprentice at White Rabbit

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  1. Got this one from Chad whilst he was at smith street last week. Top dude, real good experience
  2. New one from Koji Ichimaru whilst he was at NY adorned
  3. I wouldn't say its a problem to walk around with visible tattoos in high end hotels. People just tend to presume you're someone 'famous' very ironic but can be funny.
  4. Still very new to this wasn't going to post it but fuck it right... Absolutely love painting, this is my latest attempt..Also this thread / forum is nothing but inspirational so thank you to everyone on here.
  5. The Jeff Rassier leopard/snake is fucking dopeee
  6. lining my whole back next saturday, Not looking forward to it at all but will get through it and post photos on here! Christian Peters is doing it.
  7. OH and another thing, not always from people with no tattoos but more of than not only 1 or 2 at work when I ask what they are looking to have tattooed often they tell me then ask if I want to know the story / reason behind it...9 times out of 10. No i don't.
  8. Was recently at a party uptown in NY and had trust fund / rich / spoilt girls genuinely ask me how i support myself / live whilst having tattoos. No joke.. When i asked why they hadn't got tattoos themselves they simply said, because ' father would cut me off and not pay my rent' i looked blankly for a second then walked off.... They lived a 20 minute train ride to Brooklyn and had never been, even though they had lived in NY their entire life. Blew my mind for a couple of minutes then just thought how lucky I was to not be them.
  9. I often wake up and feel that i want to get tattooed that day so i just head over to smith st or green point and go and pick a recent painting from one of the guys, or ill have a time space booked and turn up and just talk until we decide on something...some of my best and favorite tattoos have come from approaching it like this, I don't feel there should be a correct process or time frame to getting them, i just love it!!! haha
  10. Avoid Manhattan is the best advice you will receive, just go in to the specific tattoo stores then get out ASAP haha. NYC is brilliant though for sure
  11. thats awesome man! could you message me or put me in touch, i'd absolutely love to go along. thanks
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