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    25 years old, tattooing for about 2 years. Trying to learn something new everyday.
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    Tattooing, skateboarding, learning how to paint
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  1. Alex Pardee did that as a painting the day after Sheen did the whole 20/20 interview. He made prints the next day, and I believe someone made a shirt out of it as well. It may still be available on his website too.
  2. I love Daniel Albrigo's black and grey roses.
  3. I love Stewart Robson's tattoos. I really enjoy Chris O'Donnell's tattoos as well. His blog is CHRIS O'DONNELL SAVED TATTOO Blog I forgot to add Mike Shea too. He's probably my favorite tattooer right now. Mike Shea Redemption Tattoo Blog
  4. Jon is awesome! You can also say hello to Julio while you're there.
  5. I've had a few stupid things happen over the years. I broke/dislocated my finger playing catch in high school. The football jammed my finger so hard it actually broke my knuckle, and popped it out of the socket in one move. My finger is still kind of crooked because of it. My best stupid injury was breaking my foot slipping off a curb. I slipped on a waxed curb, and broke the ball of my foot behind my big toe, into two pieces. The doctors told me they could either put two pins in it to keep it together, or take half of it out and leave the other half, and hope it grows back. They also told me both solutions aren't guaranteed to help the problem, so I left it. No one believes me that I broke my foot that way, since I'm not very clumsy, everyone just assumed I did it skateboarding. Unfortunately, it's a true story, and I get shit about it every once in awhile.
  6. All I do is wash it with anti-bacterial soap, and unscented hand lotion (green top aveeno), and my tattoos heal up just fine.
  7. Thanks a lot to both of you for your information. I think a left handed machine will be in my near future, just to see if it does make a big difference in my tattooing.
  8. Since I'm left handed, I thought this might be a good topic. How many of you guys are left handed tattooers, and if you are, do you use left handed machines? I've never used one, but does it make that big of a difference? I've only been tattooing for a few years, and never really thought about it until recently, but does anyone else have experience using them?
  9. There's a really cool article about Russian prison tattoos in Tattoo Artist Magazine #16, written by Valery Sibrikov.
  10. Tattoo Artist Magazine just posted an article about him on their blog, I'll try to find it, or if anyone else has a link for it, please share. I just found it. http://www.tattooartistmagazineblog.com hope that works.
  11. Nice article. I'm a big fan of collecting shoes as well. It's been awhile since I've purchased anything too crazy though. I still enjoy Dunks, which seem to have lost their appeal over the past few years.
  12. Pooh and Sam Bielinski do nice script here in Milwaukee. I also Like Ricardo's script, he did my collarbone at Atomic a few years ago. Most tattooers here do hate lettering tattoos though, it seems like everyone gets the same font, but I'll take it all day. I'd rather do a lettering tattoo than nothing at all.
  13. Chris O'Donnell, Chris Garver, Dana Helmuth does some really nice tigers too.
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