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  1. What my mentor has told me is something similar as scott had said about using jerry roses until he could make his own. My mentor has told me to just copy and copy all day and night. (copying as drawing the actual image not using it for a tattoo). So for instance he tells me to draw and redraw this ship until you can almost make an exact replica of it. By that time the image is so instilled and fresh in your mind that by the time you need to draw a ship you dont have to look for much reference. You've just kind of implanted the foundation for a ship and from there you can put your own spin and style on it to make it original as possible. For me it's worked. It gives you the opportunity to keep every drawing new and fresh. So everytime you do it, make it better then the last time. Maintaining progression so to speak.
  2. Ok. Do you prefer skinny grips or fat grips.
  3. I saw trash talk back in May 2010 with Alexisonfire. I have to say they were one of the craziest bands I've seen. Watching an emo kid get his ass kicked by 4 hardcore kids was unfortunate.
  4. What do you prefer?! Do you like holding a tuna can or a pencil
  5. hwroman

    Bryan Davis

    ok...viking, crusader, pirate, cowboy (i think), and biker...now what the hell is the guy in the middle haha with the bushy hat
  6. i wonder how awkward that looks with her shirt off.....4 nipples?
  7. thank you guys, like i said, im learning. even julios reply helped me understand i should acknowledge my mentors experience. i'm not trying to tarnish the integrity of the business.
  8. I wish i couldve grown up and learned during the times you guys had the opportunity of. Unfortunately, being born in 1990 i was born into the age where there are tv shows about "rockstar wannabe tattooers", facebook, and all that other shit. I respect the hard work you guys pulled off to be able to be in the presence of some the best tattooers to pick up a machine.
  9. i dont see the harm in getting as much knowledge as i can.
  10. i average about 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night trying to do both, because theyre both something i love, i wouldnt put down one to do another. its hard to believe but i actually love both the classroom environment and the tattooing environment. i havent been doing it long and i already know the determination and dedication that this craft takes. It doesnt fall into your lap. i can see clearly what stress a tattooer has gone through to make him who he is today. He has already told me that the machines i mentioned were shit, before i even posted this, maybe i didnt do my homework enough to know that the company chose quantity over quality with building their machines. But i try to be open minded and being that this is a forum with hundreds of experienced artists i thought maybe i could get different opinions. since im still wet behind the ears to this profession, im sure every respectable tattooer out there has been in the same position as me right now, id like to be as big as a sponge i could be. i'd rather be getting different opinions and views from everybody than just limiting myself to one spot (<- not saying that that's bad).
  11. Hey guys my experience is shit to yours! Give a guy a break huh? haha
  12. No not a problem, if anything it helped! thanks a lot, I'm just starting out, I work at a shop in Indiana. I'm just looking for a decent machine to start out with thats not going to break me too much. Mind you I'm still trying to get through college too. But, I've always been great at juggling two things at once. It's especially challenging to do two things at once though when either of these two are hard enough doing by themselves. But, I'll make it happen! Like I said just looking for good quality and a realistic price for a 20 year old college kid.
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