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    I am a man.
  1. Joe, glad you're enjoying the site. Maybe post a hello/something about yourself in the initiation thread a day or two before posting paintings, so people have an idea who you are. Not that they don't stand by themselves, it's just that buying art is more fun when it feels a little more personal, right?


  2. hi dari!

    you guys have a great site here, ive really been digging it. i may even post some paintings, i have a few around. glad to hear youre still liking the painting after all these years. that was a fun one to paint. shit, theyre all fun to paint, except when they arent!

  3. i had dan higgs do the rock of ages in the bermuda triangle. one of my favorite tattoos, but im not posting it. i knew dan higgs was the only guy that would do that concept justice.
  4. Double O!

    Thanks for checking us out. If you have any paintings currently for sale, you could post them in the marketplace if you'd like. I know you are a fantastic painter, as I have a big painting of yours hanging in my kitchen.

    Take care,


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