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  1. Hello everyone. 1. Thank you Scott for asking - I love tattoos but i don't make them. We were called from a few of our local tattoo artists that told us what problems they have with there current tattoo machines (like adjusting stoke and power, cleaning and weight). So we decided to help them and try to make one with all that featured involved to optimize their problems - so we designed and build LACEnano. 2. Thank you Matt, we tried to make it functional, looking good and clean at the same time. Currently we have one and are still testing it with our local tattoo artists (that ask us to build it) and testing it that everything feals and works just right for them.
  2. Hello everyone. My name is Rok and i'm a tattoo machine designer. For the last few months we have been developing the lightest tattoo machine called LACEnano, that has lowest vibration and is fully autoclavable. Any question opinion is welcome.