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  1. That's awesome. I love how it's usually a much bigger deal in our minds but I guess you've got to protect yourself because of the one asshole of the bunch.
  2. SO. How's it been for all of you who either have full coverage or are on your way? How's the process? How incredibly draining is it? How much have you had to plan, artistically? Mentally? Physically? Financially? My back was my first piece that took more than two sittings to finish (and the only other one that took two sittings is being covered up by my sleeve). It was a really fun process, from start to finish. You can check out my back in my main photo. I started the Hannya about four years ago and not sure why but never went back after the outline. Then I finished hiking all the 4,000 foot peaks in NH so I got a tattoo on my forearm for that and it made me realize what I was missing. I went back soon after that and finished the hannya. During that session I talked to my artist about full back and started the snake/peonies a few weeks later and went monthly after that until it was done (only about 6 sessions in total including hannya). Like I said, I thought it was really fun and exciting. I used this lidocaine cream called Dr. Numb and that helped out a lot with the pain on some areas. Having full back feels like the coolest thing and is one of the smartest decisions I've made. Now, I've fallen in love with the BIG work and don't plan on stopping. Financially it wasn't a big deal because I'm in a great place job wise. I guess it was such a great experience because I wanted until I was in a great place mentally/financially to do anything. I always knew I would be heavily tattooed, I think deep down I was just waiting for the right moment and here it is. And I am an awful person to talk about how draining it was because I love that kind of shit, that's what life is all about. The oscillations, so drain me.
  3. Society lives off of cable television and their kids basketball games, blah blah blah. What else do you expect? just know that isn't you. I read this book once called "Stumbling on Happiness" and to sum it up people are clueless fucks not to mention quick to judge.
  4. A mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface. Your body IS a mural based off of commin wikipedia definition so...
  5. My feet, forearm, ribs, back and leg all hurt and I don't think I could quantify one hurting more than the other. I think mostly it depends on your psychological state on the day you're getting tattooed. I have a firend ask me if my feet hurt more than other places yesterday because all he had was a small one on his foot and I just thought who cares they all hurt and it doesn't matter.
  6. I work as an engineer, basically with just other engineers in an cubicle type office setting. Not many other engineers are visibly tattooed or tattooed at all. I find that to be weird because I've always thought tattoos were just so normal and a lot of my friends growing up got tatoos. Everyone I work with is really cool and like or don't care I have tattoos. I just finished my back and I would hide in cubicles to show it off, even my 57 year old woman coworker and 55 year old boss got to see it. Still have a job. For visible tattoos, I have a forearm tattoo and plan to start my full sleeve started this Saturday. I plan to wear long sleeves at work but I'm not to worried about not wearing long sleeves at work. When I was young, and still now, I was very curious about tattoos. I'm kind of that way with everything, the past 2 months I went without hot water because I just wanted to see what it was like. Haha, I learned a few things. Anyway, I think I always new I was going to be heavily tattooed some day and now I'm finally in a position where I feel completely comfortable doing that.
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