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  1. Hope you'll have a nice time here :D
  2. Even if someone deletes your post, this is the internet and you will more than likely will always be able to backtrack what it is you said or done. You know, the whole be careful kids the internet is a scary place thing.
  3. The snake looks like it's wearing lipstick, gave me a slight giggle. I thought I'd seen bad tattoos, but this thread just makes me cringe at some people's incapability of proper judgement.
  4. I think this situation divers from person to person. Now granted, I am only 19 years old so I can't really speak of having kids yadayada, but here's my two cents. Some kids are mature enough to decide on a tattoo when they are 16, whereas others are 20 and still have the mindset of a 12 year old. I personally consider myself mature for my age, and I honestly always have, which is probably why I was patient enough to over think my own decision of getting a tattoo and neatly waiting until I was old enough. I think the best thing we (and by we I mean both admirers and artists) can do is to be
  5. It's fully healed and I've had it since September. The possibility of it being due to humidity is fairly possible as I recently switched my sleeping position for close to a wall on the other side of the room, to underneath the window (single glass, so lots of humidity forming). I figured just leaving it be and not worrying was the way to go as it only happened after humidity changes, but it's nice to get some reassurance. Thanks for the quick reply! :)
  6. I've did some googling on this, but I trust people with experience more than some randomers on yahoo or whatever. Anyways, my question: Recently (around half way through january till now) my tattoo has felt a bit swollen and itchy. The outer lines feel like they popped up and the itch is very minor, like a mosquito bite. It's not a constant itch, it happens once every few days or so and it only feels like that for a few minutes. (Usually 5 mins tops) Now I read that this is most likely caused by the change in weather/humidity. So yeah, any experiences? I'm not really worried, as I ge
  7. I agree with Sophistre. I looked into covering my tattoo with make up as I am into costuming and sometimes will wear costumes that reveal my tattoos if they're not covered in make up. So far, I've only tried it once, but I gotta say the result was good, but at the end of the day the make up was all blurry and sticky due to excessive sweating and movement. Nevertheless, I saw the video before and it was a really cool thing to see him transform like that.
  8. I personally used to use the term tatt and ink, but never something silly with an added s or z. In general, making words look snazzy by adding an s or z just doesn't look "coolz" to me. That being said, I actually had no idea up until I actually struck up a conversation with an artist that some people might find those words offensive. Most part of my life the only tattooed people I hung around with were my uncles, whom never really spoke about their tattoos, and a person or two on the internet. The one thing I still refer to that some might dislike is calling the tattoo machine a tattoo gu
  9. I really like the owl tattoo (You actually have no idea how obsessed I am with owls, lol) Funny enough someone recommended Ros in stab city to me in my intro thread, so it's nice to see someone with his work on them! I really like the piece he did, they look great on ya! Oh, and ofcourse welcome and hi and all that stuff :)
  10. Thanks for the welcomes everyone :) I mainly work with the old pencil and paper machine and I'm currently exploring japanese styles and pin up. My favorite tattoo styles to toy with are rockabilly themed and pin up tattoos. Having only lived here since September, I still find it mildly amusing that they call Lim. stab city :) Looking forward to chatting with you lot!
  11. Hi everyone, introduction time! My name is Esther, 19 years old, proud owner of only 1 tattoo at the moment, and currently spending day to day life in Ireland. I came to this website to share my enthusiasm for tattoos with artists and admirers alike. Although I currently only have one tattoo and my second one planned for a to be determined date (read: money issues) I also admire the art of tattooing and wish to inspire myself by talking to others who obviously share this passion. I have a small portfolio in the making which doesn't include a lot of proper stuff yet. (Rather, it has a bunc
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