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  1. Got this Rock of Ages from Bradley Tompkins last week when he was guesting at Frith Street. So happy with it and as an added bonus its started peeling already.
  2. High five for that frog @Mark Bee ! I got a matching one from Eli at the London convention.
  3. @ThatGuy It was around that time, so could have been but I can't remember seeing any LSTers that I recognised. What did you get from Eli? I went over my budget too really, but figured since i'm off work with my collarbone that it would be a good time for healing. @CABS Thanks man, i'm really happy with it. I'd emailed him before the convention but didn't think i was going to be able to handle/afford one from him too, luckily greg had some time at the end of the day and it all worked out.
  4. Had such a great time at the London Convention on Saturday, didn't get a chance to see much of it but I ended up getting tattooed by Greg Christian on top of my appointments with Bert Krak and Eli Quinters. The frog and fly are from Eli and the eagle and snake from Greg (picture from his instagram). I dont have a picture of the Ed Hardy Butterfly I got from Bert but i'll post one when I do.
  5. Eli Quinters London Convention 2014
  6. Greg Christian London Convention 2014
  7. Thanks for the advice, we're planning on getting a really early train so should be there at least an hour before the gates open.
  8. Cheers man! I don't have a clue what i'm getting from Bert or Eli, just planning to pick things that fit the spaces tomorrow. As for my thighs i've asked Brad for a ROA on one and a rose of no mans on the other! I've asked for the ROA first, so we're doing that on the 16th.
  9. Sweet, we're gonna be there for the whole day too, really don't know why I agreed to have my appointments so spaced out! My mate wants a walk up too so it's gonna be a ridiculously early start. In the way of queues, does anyone know what time they usually start building up?
  10. I have appointments tomorrow with Bert Krak and Eli Quinters at the London Convention. Also booked in to get one of my thighs tattooed by Bradley Tompkins during his guest spot at Frith Street next month.
  11. I'm totally up for meeting up with any LSTers on the saturday! Hey @ThatGuy, I'd love to get a sneak peek of your back at the convention if you don't mind? Seriously considering asking Valerie to do mine once I decide what I want.
  12. PickingUpDust


    Hi bambi, welcome to the forum! Have you thought about just having the butterfly to represent your daughter or possibly a banner with the butterfly, maybe look at some classic flash see if theres any designs you like? Where abouts in england are you from? Loads of people here will be able to recommend artists near you.
  13. Amsterdam Tattoo Convention 2014
  14. Hopefully it won't be too bad, i've got almost 4 weeks till the convention so it should be on its way to recovery at least. The last time i got tattooed by Chad i had actually fallen out a tree a couple of hours before my appointment and hurt the arm i was getting tattooed. I dont remember it being too painful but then i did have a slight concussion. As for my appointments, i'd put my name on the list the last time i got tattooed at Smith St. But they did say they'd be taking walkups aswell, so i'd maybe just suggest getting there early.
  15. @culture Watch the Dan Santoro tattooage episodes and maybe take a guess or get tattooed by one of them and just ask. Thats about the best advice i can give.
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