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  1. On Tupicalo's website: 'Custom sleeve (black & grey) $500 ( color work ) $1000' :/
  2. Thanks, i'm really happy with it. Damian captured the detail and texture perfectly.
  3. I agree. Obviously it's a good idea to consider how your tattoo will look in the future, and artists shouldn't put anything they know won't last on peoples skin, but I like to see a bit of experimentation, a bit of a challenge to how tattoos 'should' look. I have a dotwork realism tattoo, and I honestly have no idea what it will look like in 10/20 years, i've never seen anything of that age in that style, but i'm not worried, i'm actually sort of excited to see how it ages with my body.
  4. I had a tongue piercing for a couple of years. It fell out and I didn't bother putting it back in, it healed, and i've never really missed it. Piercings are just a bit boring to me, and yeah, a bit of a hassle.
  5. I promise i'll show it off plenty if I get it done :) I think i'm gonna end up with quite a mix of styles on my skin, I just love them all, dotwork/realism/traditional/watercolour/japanese, I want them all!
  6. I think watercolour tattoos can be really beautiful, I particularly love Lianne Moules work, and I think it can hold up well if it's done right. I'm tempted to get something in that style, and find out first hand how it lasts.
  7. I say ignore the practicalities, find an artist whose work you love, wherever they might be, and figure out a way to make it happen. That's what I did to get my first tattoo, ended up catching 2 buses and 8 trains all together, and staying overnight alone in a city i'd never been to before, and spending more than I could really afford. But it was absolutely completely worth it, and I have a tattoo that I love rather than settling for something mediocre from a local studio.
  8. I've fallen completely in love with dotwork. I've already posted this the latest tattoo thread, but anyway, here's my first tattoo, by Dotwork Damian. I haven't seen anyone else do dot realism quite like he does. I think it's incredible.
  9. Got my first tattoo wednesday, by Dotwork Damian at Blue Dragon, Brighton. Took around 6 hours. I'm incredibly happy with it, and will be extending it :)
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