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  1. Yea, you're right about the relativism that should be exhibited in tattoo related opinions. I'm still ironing out my idea/point, but I guess it's simply this: now that there is an abundance of talented artists, why pay the $500 for him?
  2. Alright, so I've been "aware" of top level tattooing, however defined, for about ten years now... and the thing that made Chris Conn so appealing back when I first became aware of him was that he was executing highly rendered, elegant tattoos at a time when new school was dying, dave fox was inspiring real weirdly drawn shit, and basically other stuff that wasn't what Conn was really doing. Not to say that back then there weren't guys (who I'm probably unaware of) that were on Conn's level, but basically he was more unique then, perhaps worth $500 an hour. The point of this post is to suggest
  3. Thank you, I feel like Topper is a real secret East Coast gem. The dude has been there fifteen years now, real deal loyalty, and his work is ripe with a rich lineage.
  4. Just got a new piece from Topper at South Street Philly Eddie's, and he generously threw some stars and dots up on my arm. He did the mini tiger head, too. Anyhow, I think his stars and dots are particularly awesome and thought to share them.
  5. I think he's real hit or miss. I live outside of NYC, and for the money, at the end of the day I would get tattooed by a lot of different dudes.
  6. Best dude, great tattooer. He did this black and grey rose recently that blew my mind. It's shaded really uniquely, and it totally works, which is not often the case for nuances in tattooing.
  7. By Barrett Fiser, Bonnie and Clyde's Philadelphia and Inksmith and Rogers Jax Beach Kyle Sajban, Red Rocket New York City I also have a shark lady pin up. I basically get babes doing things I like.
  8. If this thread is deleted then the terrorists have won.
  9. I mean, it's my opinion and I could theoretically be wrong, but if he wants to do old tattoos, wants his shop to look old, and wants to appear olde timey, then he is artificially creating an image. It's not candid or natural. As for you, I don't know you. You didn't advertise your lifestyle on the internet to me. Had you, then you would have to accept potential criticism. Is that not fair?
  10. Well did he make the video? Frankly, his whole image is contrived. "I want to be this guy, so this is how I think he would be..."
  11. Also, I'd be more concerned if we all agreed on everything. How boring.
  12. American culture is in a super dangerous spot right now. Watered down, androgynous, over exposed, whored out, etc, etc. I have ZERO TIME for people who can't just be themselves. His work is ok, he's probably a nice guy, but I'd rather get tattooed by someone who doesn't give a fuck about what they're wearing. Contrived motherfuckers all over the place these days.
  13. Put a sign in your window advertising half off tattoos until they're gone. I don't want to speak about things that aren't my business, but something similar happened in Jersey years ago and that's how it was handled. The cream will always rise, friend.
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