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  1. She got her tattoo from an tattoo convention. The tattoo placement is on her arm. This isn't her first tattoo, she usually heals real well. I actually believe its the H2Ocean foam her 1st time ever using it. Usually she used the Goo, but I re edited the post and added a pic so people could see what I was talking aabout. The artist that did the tatt was from Los Angeles she told her that it's normal healing. But like I said before we got tatted at a Convention in Detroit. It aint like she can fly out to LA to get a touch up. People can tell you anything over VIA INTERNET OR THROUGH TEXT. Most artists feel insulted like your blaming them for what happened. Thanks for the comment @Graeme
  2. Day 12 of my friend tattoo healing process. Is this normal? Never seen a tattoo heal like this. Thought it was infected but she's showing no symptoms of infection. It's just this white ish skin covering over her tattoo been like this since the 7th of March. She used H2Ocean as her aftercare then when tattoo started to shed she used Eucerin unscented lotion. What advice could you give my pal. My tattoos never healed in such a matter. Thanks guys
  3. I got a recent tattoo 1/2 sleeve did at a convention on the the 22nd of last month. I used H2Ocean aftercare instructed by the tattoo artists. Did everything the artists asked for me to do. It's been 10 days now since I was tattooed but on the 6th day weird shit started happening to it. I have this white skin like film in certain areas of the tatt. It's not oozing it's not bleeding, burning hot none of the infected tattoo stuff you read about. But I developed little scabs in the areas where the tattoo was really detailed and this white film has appeared over the inked areas. Most of the dead scabs has shed the tattoo is somewhat smooth with the exception of a few scabs left on my shoulder and around the eye area of the tattoo. I have other tatts & this has never happened. I know people body heals differently. I don't know if I'm jumping the gun or what, but It looks like I'm going to need a hell of a touch up after it has healed. The artist that did the tatt lives out of state. So I'm pretty much screwed on a free touch up from her if I need it being that I don't have the loot to travel to where she is just to redo a tatt. Do you think it was the new product I used, I never used H2Ocean before that suppose to be some top of the line shit. I heard great reviews about it. I just hope this is just the healing process. Have any of you ever heard anything like this happen the white scab film over certain parts of the tattoo. If so let me know?
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    Hi Everyone

    Glad to see forum communities like these exist. I work at a museum and the spare time that I do have I usually draw or photo a lot of graffiti for local graffiti artists. I didn't really get into tattoo's til around 2004 sometime. It had grown on me over the years. I love tattoos. I've met some of the most amazing and talented people who do tattoos in Detroit, New York and @ many Tattoo Conventions. I love art all kinds it's just awesome forums like this is around.
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