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  1. The nurses and phlebotomists that know what they are doing never had a problem with me. Inexperienced ones, on the other hand, have a bit of difficulty. If you need to "see" the vein then you weren't properly trained. One should be able to feel for the vein and not have to see it. I have to have blood work done every 2 months due to a medication I take so these are my experiences.
  2. People really put way too much thought into tattooing, these days. For some, more than ever these days, it is a scene. For some, it is a profession, some a hobby(collector or maker), and for some it is a way of life. My best advice, worry about what you do and let the rest fall where they may. If some asshole opens up down the street from your shop, be better and let the chips fall where they may. If someone walks into my shop, I use that chance to show them what my shop can do but I am not going around trying to solicit people to become "smarter" about tattoos. I work hard, I try to get bette
  3. You have eyes... use them. See what work you like better and choose accordingly. Sadly, it is that simple.
  4. 100% The best response. It is about the experience. You learn, you meet people, and you make memories that will last forever. You can get a great tattoo, words of wisdom, or just a good time. Few people understand what tattooers go through daily so it is nice to sit with someone that does and share it. You can get tattooed by someone twice your age or half your age but there is a common ground and bond. It is mind boggling to me that a tattooer wouldn't want to have these experiences. If you are in it, then be a part of it.
  5. Dan, I'm right there with you. I was once critiqued by one of my favorite tattooers and he said I was stuck between traditional and new school and I needed to choose a direction. I still struggle with that today. Also, I'm not even sure what the big picture is half of the time. The funny thing is, that depending on who you ask, the answer will be different. Some guys want the exposure of magazines and websites while others want to go to the same shop everyday and be busy. We are in a business where there are no wrong answers, I guess. Just depends what you want to be and what you want to get o
  6. For me, it is often different and depends on what I'm drawing. I don't have specifics but I do know that the more time I spend on the drawing (sketching, shading, redrawing, tweaking), the less time I spend on the tattoo, itself. Also, if you are a street shop tattooer, like me, you do not always have a chance to spend hours and hours on the drawing. There is something to be said for being able to sit down, draw something up and tattoo it. Most of the guys that tattooed me followed this formula. I tell them what I want it, they draw it on paper or on skin, and then tattoo me. So, I guess my th
  7. The show will most likely suck for those of us that tattoo. However, hopefully, it will show some good tattoos and get more people to get tattooed and I'm ok with that.
  8. If person doesn't have kids I sternly tell them to "Please, don't talk to me." If person does have kids I ask them why they have them and what significance they represent. Ok, these are both lies but it's what I'd like to say. I usually just stumble over words and try to walk away quickly. If they are in my shop I just say that I like them and that is why.
  9. You are right, Ursula. In my reply, I didn't consider all of the interviews and what not. I know that they have given me insight.
  10. Sorry to say but I'm getting sick of tattooers complaining about it. When you love something, concentrate on that and let the other BS fall where it may. We far too often look to the negative aspects of tattooing and lose sight of our love and passion. We have the single greatest career that I can think of. I love tattooing and I refuse to let the negative aspects of it get me down.
  11. Sorry to disagree here but there should be no wealth of knowledge here for an aspiring tattooer. I didn't get to jump online and get educated during my apprenticeship. I went to work, shut my mouth, watched, listened, and got tattooed by those I admired. I agree with every tattooer on here except that there is no need to take any of this, personally. People can ask anything and we can simply ignore it. This forum is going to be what we make it. A simple "don't feed the animals" approach is our best bet. PS... I'm convinced that guy doesn't even have a wife and these threads are all BS.
  12. Dave Fox posted this on Facebook. Tattoos by Dave Fox I just called and left a message of complaint about TLC's TATTOO SCHOOL on the Discovery Networks Ethics Hotline (571)262-4899. You can, too. Be professional and straight forward, it's the best way to get results.
  13. 1. I never said anything about vandalizing. 2. If someone did vandalize her, I would probably applaud them. She shits on my craft and way of life so I afford her no respect. She is a leech and a parasite.
  14. I don't mean to be a jerk or anything but how naive are we? The companies listed for advertising do not give a rat's ass. They are major corporations that know people are going to watch this atrocity so they will put their money behind TLC. This show is happening. Also, why is everyone going after TLC? They are a television network. They have no soul, no respect, and certainly no care for tattooers. What else are we to expect? Now, our real hatred should go to the piece of shit whoring out our business. I posted her response to hate mail on page 5 of this thread. If we want to do something,
  15. You are totally right on this. The whole dust up on Facebook about banning/boycotting this has given it so much more publicity than it may have ever had. If we want to to protest then we should go to this school and give them what for. Otherwise, we should ignore it on every level. Change the subject if someone brings the show up and so forth. Anyway, I found this while trigging to figure out who this piece of shit is... Her arrogance is unbelievable and her disrespect for the business and traditions many of us work to protect is disgusting. This is from her website... Try to keep your heads f
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